Path of Exile offers purchase cursor

  • Path of Exile has monetized cursors. You can now pay $10 to Grinding Gear Games for a pack of five custom cursors, inspired by the civilization of Wraeclast, which you can enjoy while managing inventory or navigating throughout the game. A high-contrast cursor is also added to the game for free.

    If you think it is a weird thing to make a profit in POE Currency, then you are not alone. The post on Reddit devoted to cursors has a few "This is an April Fool's Day joke" type of comments, and some not-so-kind replies. At the time of writing, the video’s approval/disapproval ratio on YouTube is only 16/84%.

    From the perspective of someone who does not play POE, I am confused about GGG's choice to go this way. They definitely need to make money. But this is a strange way and an understandable answer. As long as you can imagine winning payouts. The cursor is almost the least needed decoration in the game. Although I have questions about overly aggressive monetization. Even pure decoration. In other games, I think even if I am a POE player, this will not bother me.

    I also don't agree with the "slippery slope" argument, because many Redditors have raised the question "What's the next step?" At least one is citing the terrible big dad Tencent. Tencent acquired a majority stake in GGG three years ago, but apparently only now chose to "destroy" the company. For more fun in the game, players can buy POE Chaos Orb to make themselves stronger and experience the path of exile completely.