There's a lot more to be added to this idea

  • The initial transition from Vanilla -> TBC was dealt with WOW TBC Gold in the way that they updated the "Classic" client to TBC and then added "Classic Era" as an option to download. All characters were moved to "Classic Era" and both "current" as well as the "Classic Era" versions were removed. The next step was to decide which one you would like to activate. This would prevent users from using the other copy (the majority of the characters were activated with the TBC version).

    Consider the name Warcraft. We've seen very little of it either in vanilla or TBC. The straight-up wars between alliances and hordes, aside from battlegrounds, there's not any action.

    What could happen if Blizzard never released TBC and instead developed an expansion that was built on the base they laid in vanilla? Foundations like neutral zones of pvp Battlegrounds, a chat channel with the name "LocalDefense" (I had login because I didn't know what the channel's name was), factions and other things.

    My expansion is a war between the horde alliance , and the horde. You fight for the control of neutral zones to gain control over Azeroth. There are many quests and flight routes while you manage a zone. You can obtain quests while combating a specific area to aid your faction in gaining control of the zone. Instead of having to kill 10 raptors in order to reach maximum level, join in the fight. When you gain charge of a territory, you'll get new quests to keep the control in place, the zone is altered depending on which faction is controlling the zone. Horde is controlling it? Alliance is home to a couple of outposts and needs to slowly push forwards. The world pvp is mixed with NPC's fighting one another and players. Ressource transportation is secured for various zones, and then defending them against the hostile faction.

    The LocalDefense channel lets players communicate with each other as well as announce attacks by enemy forces on outposts/towns. Your group can get resources from battleground wins to support the fight. New battlegrounds are created to match each neutral zone (alterac valley = winterspring warsong = barrens, and the list goes on), que up for the battlegrounds or zones that require assistance. Your war efforts will allow you to purchase better equipment at any stage as well as increase your rank within your faction, and receive access to mounts/tabards as well as more gear. You can make use of your professions to design items essential for fighting.

    There's a lot more to be added to this idea, and there are many other elements in vanilla that created a great foundation but have not yet seen a follow-up.

    It has flaws I'm aware of. One example is the differing max levels of characters and the imbalance in factions. However, thinking cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold about this helps me appreciate the potential WoW could have had, even though it was already an incredible game.