The availability of slower training methods

  • Since this is meant to be an open discussion, I'll first ask the query first and and then respond with my opinion. To simplify things RS gold I'll use the term pf2p for pure play for free. This is a player who has never been an RS member. RS.

    Do you believe that players who have free access to skills as pure f2p's should get more attention than those who achieved the same skillcape in a shorter period of time? (Note that this applies only to the skills members and f2ps have and comparing them would be a bit silly. I know that there are skillcapes accessible to free players, however they have to be purchased for 6 bucks. The Pf2p player is someone who has earned 99, but has to pay 6 dollars to get the ability. He/she does not have to wait until 90 before switching to member.

    Ignoring the fact that there'll always be people who want to downplay other people's achievements by labeling them as 'no-lifers' and 'nerds' It's a fascinating question, as it requires a lot longer and more effort to achieve the same level of skill as a pure free player as compared to a member, unless an unfair comparism is made.

    But, it is common to say that the those skills that require more money (like cooking or fire-making) are also utilized by members. Members are more likely to earn the money to purchase the necessary materials needed to master that ability. According to some, members earn money faster and therefore have less time to spend, assuming that time is approximately equivalent to money. It can be tricky, as mutiple variations are involved. So, to clear somethings up, I'll list the points that each side is entitled to.

    P2P earns more money overall. P2P-Earns money faster than P2P-based systems. You will receive green drags, various abilities like slayer, as well with more money to purchase merch with. They have faster training methods. Burying big bones is peanuts compared to gilded altars. This allows you to get a 99 in abilities that make use of money more than others.

    The PF2P earns more money but it is slower and the most risky way (shorter of merchandising) is to mine rune stones which is dangerous and slow and also cut things (yews or cockroach soldiers). On a hourly basis, a PF2P would make less money using the most efficient money-making method than the P2P which also performs the most efficient money-making method.

    The availability of slower training methods is generally more prevalent. The reason I'm using the term"generally" is because certain players train in F2P locations such as SoS Red Spiders or Cockroach Soldiers, which reduces their speed, but puts them on the same with Pf2Ps. The people who are close to 99 are more likely go for members than cheap RuneScape gold they are to free players. This lets them gain more experience and reduce their speed.