Stealing creation is possible. You can help the mystics

  • I like this as it provides new players an RS gold incentive to complete the events during the holidays. When I first started runescape I couldn't find any reason to go to the events in easter. After all, the ring was pointless and the training spots were almost empty. I would have attended if I had known that they could be useful. It's a shame I didn’t go, as the egg ring is one of my most cherished rewards.

    I have been curious about what others think or hope of reports of updates, like Acheron or Eastern lands. Please take a look at my thoughts and then share yours.

    I'm hoping that it will be comparable in size to large-scale Barbarian villages. Villagers support each other. Fisherman donate to chefs, and cookers help fighters. It should be very large, according to me. It could include a port for entry and hunter posts. These would be immune from the freeze effects (frostbite sets-in and damages you, special clothes delay it until it sets). It's what it looks like.

    It is possible to track mammoths as well as other big game across the continent and later kill them. fishers could fish special fish that are only in the cold northern waters. The clothing (made of massive hair) will soon be brittle, which would cause crafters to be highly crucial to keep their goods flowing. Lighting a fire and being near it could also reset the timer until the frostbite has gone. The continent would have special trees with special locations. Penguin patrols would be an ongoing threat. Special ores could also be discovered.

    Most likely, it will be a regular kingdom. However, if we are fortunate we may get some feudal japan. Minigame based quests. I was convinced that this wouldn't occur before NR was launched. So I kept a lot of thoughts to come up with it in my mind, thinking them ridiculous.

    PC- Explore the portals that lead to a world that is ruled by pests. it would have ruined cities and pests patroling everywhere. After finding artifacts that provide more details about the insects, we were able to discover survivors from the indigenous race. They are a disease that affects and alters mechanical and biological matter. We would have to battle more types of insects until we can eliminate the queen and seal the door to the next realm. (Continue as before homeworld is reached.) After that, (groan) you will find that the pests are defeated through multiple portals. Have fun

    Stealing creation is possible. You can help the mystics to build bodies for Zaros’s vanquished army, or you could stop the empty lord from getting revenge.

    It was something I observed years ago. Many people believed that the magic bonus doesn't alter the slayerdart. The guy who's already very high in overal and has 91magic, has used the slayerdart for OSRS buy gold a couple of days in barsrows to earn 400k xp. But if he utilized firewave, which has similar in strength, but with more experience, he would be able to gain 1.25m or more.