Anyhow that was my 2 cents

  • Then there is the dilemma of determining what's new? How long could we need to use spoilers? When exactly does new content stop being'new' and Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells for that? Using the southern hemisphere again an example, snow by mid-July wasn't new for us.

    Perhaps spoiler tags ought to be invited, but I don't believe they ought to be a mandatory rule.

    I'd just like to say that I enjoy memorial posts. I enjoy creating a safe space for individuals to discuss their heart and despair with us. I believe that for somebody who does not understand the rules to log on and be vulnerable to then get their post taken down or not accepted would lead to further isolation and harm.

    If you have to change anything, maybe you may add flair into memorial posts to function as a trigger warning to people who have unhealed hurt and want to skip past those articles.

    I really don't think the answer would be to eliminate them entirely. People come from a really vulnerable area submitting those and are trying to offer their heart to a secure community they expect will take it. I think it could be really damaging to find an automated delete in return.

    Also seeing spoilers and time traveling, I know think it is an incredibly tough thing to moderate regarding seasonal events and items. I do however think that spoilers might be used for time locked items (such as the mario items) which are hacked in before their release date. This would be less taxing to medium since there's a fixed release date for the items and the spoiler tag can be enforced from the day of the update to the afternoon of thing release. It is not something that disturbs me but could be something to consider.

    On common occurances I think that milestone posts are great for the subreddit entire as animal crossing is largely a game about setting your own goals and I think it's good that people have a place to share them. I am also very sympathetic about the tacky limit and with that in mind I feel the current codes and questions threads do a decent job of maintaining the subreddit tidy.

    Anyhow that was my 2 cents, I think you guys do a fantastic job with the subreddit and you're taking it in a fantastic direction!

    There needs to be more limitation on this. Literally so many articles of"Margie Wearing Glasses CuTe! 1" or "AnKhA on The Cheap Animal Crossing Items Beach wow!" Like they are not even pointing out anything unique or special with the game.