Although I am aware that EQ2 may not be as popular

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    The night before I was exiled, I completed an SR ledger run and then turned in 2x. There are 25+ mobs who will drop the ledgers. I'm thinking. The 10 in my group, and wait until I switched off my instance to return and continue running.

    Have been watching quite a bit of Asmongold's run through of FF 14 and have been amazed by the way the community has been so supportive of him throughout the last couple of months. It's great to see Final Fantasy 14 finally get a chance to shine, as Asmongold has been a long-time participant.

    I've also been keeping track of his thoughts on Classic WoW as well as live WoW issues and am now confronted with the issues plaguing the entire game. While watching his video about World of Warcraft 2, I got an odd thought.

    Everquest 2 was my first MMO. It was released back in 2004. It was a fun game. I still play it occasionally. But in my thoughts died and morphed into less than what it was before I began playing it. Everquest 2 has several years ago unveiled a Time Locked Expansion server or TLE for short. It was basically a WoW server on steroids and servers would see expansions faster and the server would eventually become live and a new TLE was made at zero. In addition, EQ2 has many more expacs than WoW , it also has the issue of quantity over quality.

    Although I am aware that EQ2 may not be as popular an MMO than WoW and has never been, I'm getting similar vibes emanating from the WoW community. I also believe that Asmon's attitude towards classic and live indicates that both games could be on the same track. Classic could be turning into a TLE which is initially great and everyone is hyped for buy aion classic kinah eu nostalgia, but later all the fun fades away as the community realizes it isn't the same feeling as they did in the past.