The young hero is confronted by the wicked

  • They will eventually find Zeus (whereever he may be), he will be drunk to the point of losing his mind, crying and WOW Classic TBC Gold without his thunderbolts (players have been able to obtain one bolt yet, though the object is too powerful for them to handle)

    Tips For the Olympics: The Olympic Games were held in Olympia, where Zeus was in favor. If you're thinking of creating them in Sparta There could be an interesting tale of Hera changing the rules in order to charge Zeus the followers of Zeus.

    Theater was the theater I delphoi and I am athens. But I'd have to do something more politic. Like a citizen looking to influence elections in the agora, or an insanity-driven person who needs assistance in building a machine, his school, etc.

    Yes, I know that the Olympic Games were held in Olympia. We know that the Spartan Games are an annual sporting event, with a quad-annual mega event known as the Olympic Games -- in my version of Greece it's the sole method by which a person who is not born to free Spartan parents can gain Spartan citizenship, if they are able to win the gold medal, or risk death (the Games that grant citizenship are a form of gladiatorial games).

    Three warriors get aboard a boat to defeat the evil Kraken that is terrorizing their city. One of the warriors, who sees the Kraken briefly emerge from the waters below and then turns to the other and tells them "We're going need a bigger vessel."

    The young hero is confronted by the wicked tyrant king in a swordfight. He cut off the heroes' hand and now has him cornered. The king asks the hero to help him conquer Greece. The hero says no, because the man he killed was his father. "No Lucius, I am your father." The crowd gasps.

    There's a war-play where the king of Sparta is depicted as throwing a man down a well screaming "this is sparta." Some of cheap WOW TBC Gold the people in the audience think this is a bit unrealistic, but the Spartans seem to have a lot to say about it.