There are two types of cooking: cooking

  • Are you one of those people who has RS gold ever looked at a random gem and thought "Whatever... I'll just put it in my pocket and keep it there until I need to make use of it."? Well now is the right time to use it because in crafting you can also transform gems and gold into jewelry pieces. You'll need a crafting level of 22 in order to make the most basic piece of jewelry that has the gem. To create jewelry using gems, you will need a bar of gold (which is made by melting gold ore), a mold (bought at a crafting shop) and a gem. Then, you'll "use" the gold bar from your furnace and choose the kind of jewelry you want. It's that simple! So in my opinion crafting is an amazing skill which if done correctly will earn you a lot of money.

    Mining is one the most sought-after skills in Runescape. Why is that? Mining is an excellent method of making money. The best aspect is that you don't require a lot of experience in mining. You can begin making money as early as the age of 15. The big money makers of mining are rune/pure essence coal, iron ore mithril, Adamantite (if you can mine it) and rune (If you can mine it and locate it). These are some locations that you can mine:

    Notice: I will indicate whether I am referring to the mining guild when referring to the Dwarven mines. You must be completed Rune Mysteries to be able to mine pure essence or rune. Speak to Audbury once you've finished the quest to teleport to the pure essence/rune mine. The iron rocks within the Dwarven mines, which are located near Falador are abundant. Iron ore is also found in the mine north of Al-Kharid.

    There are lots of locations for coal mining. To the north-west from Edgeville you will find a coal mine with 34 rock formations. Downside is that it's in the wilderness. South-west Lumbridge is ideal for mining coal. However, the Dwarven mine with its mining guild is by far the most famous mining location for coal.

    Mithril can be mined in several places such as the south-west region, Al-Kharid, north of Al-Kharid and south Crandor Island. There are as well Dwarven mines, which include the mining guild. They are located to the north-east of the Lava–Maze. Mining is a great skill that will quickly bring you money! It's a skill I strongly recommend!

    There are two types of cooking: cooking fish/meat and cooking bread/pies/stews/pizzas/cakes. It isn't financially economically viable to cook meat or fish because cooked fish/meats cost more than fresh. This is due to the fact that people appreciate the experience of cheap RuneScape gold cooking more than the money, so they will spend more money to purchase uncooked fish. It is not financially profitable to cook fish or meat.