Madden hasn't seen two players share

  • Madden NFL 22 launches Aug. 20 on Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Madden nfl 22 coins Xbox Series X. Madden NFL 22's covers feature the Super Bowl's quarterbacks , Tampa Bay's Tom Brady, Kansas City's Patrick Mahomes. Both of these players have appeared on Madden covers before (Brady for Madden NFL 18; Mahomes for Madden NFL 20). The newest features described in this article, including Next-Gen Stats, the home field advantages, and new game day atmospherics and presentation, will not be available on PC or older consoles.

    Two G.O.A.T.s Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady share the 'Madden NFL 22' cover

    Tom Brady didn't quite pass the torch to Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl LV, but he did face off against an upcoming cover star.

    EA Sports announced Thursday that Brady Mahomes as well as Brady will share Madden NFL 22's cover. This announcement comes just one year after their match on the most important stage of the game.

    EA Sports teased this pairing with a video posted on Monday with Peyton Hillis, a former Browns running back and Madden NFL cover player. In the video, Hillis is shown taking his knees alongside the goats while talking via phone, telling the unidentified individual on the call "they repeated it."

    The exact thing "they" (meaning the staff at EA Sports) did was something that hadn't been done before on two generations of consoles. It's been a decade since Hillis was included on the Madden NFL Series' annual entry. It's even more because there was a dual-athlete cover.

    Madden hasn't seen two players share the precious space that's the cover of the game since Madden NFL 10 in the year that Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald and Steelers safety Troy Polumalu appeared on the front of the cover, appearing as if they were about to meet. This was the perfect fitting for the sport that year, which was constructed around a brand new mechanism that let players fight for a loose ball and to fight for extra yards -- the inches we speak of that so often determine the outcome of the game.

    In a stunning reversal of the votes of fans, Hillis was chosen to take on the role of Madden NFL 12 two years later. EA selected him to be its ideal pitchman in its teaser video that debuted on Monday. The buy Madden 22 coins hidden message became apparent Thursday night: Hillis goats are just an imitation of two G.O.A.T.s.