Cities like the dwarven city Ironforge

  • You'll notice a Shard of Corruption in Classic wow gold a number of the luminous purple cracks around the floor. Looting it offers you a quest to find 20 of them.

    When you complete that quest, you are transformed to a Void Wraith instantly, with 4.6 million health and new abilities. To earn your rewards, you'll want to kill ten players of either faction without perishing.

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    World of Warcraft was a game ahead of its time. So much so, that its players already witnessed the effects of a pandemic over a decade past.

    A damaging effect, called Corrupted Blood, ravaged thousands of players, and abandoned lower-leveled characters in an inevitable death-loop. The effect, known as a debuff, was a temporary illness, but one that may spread to other players when they stood close enough to one another, just like a real virus.

    A week after the outbreak, it forced Blizzard to restart every WoW server to stop it from spreading out of control.

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    Hakkar would cast Corrupted Blood on players and it would damage them for approximately ten minutes. Players would spread the effect to others if they got too close to those infected. Following the 10 seconds were completed, or players finished the boss battle, the damaging effect was supposed to end. Only it did not.

    A programming oversight enabled the debuff to spread beyond the website of the Hakkar boss fight and into the world at large. Hunter characters may summon and dismiss pets to fight in their side at will. Once ignored, all the effects on the pets have been paused until it's called back out again. In consequence, the pets would contract Corrupted Blood through the boss fight, disappear and then display the symptoms again elsewhere in the world map if they were summoned. There it might spread to other players and pets that came in contact with them.

    Cities like the dwarven city Ironforge and orc town Orgrimmar were overrun in hours. Non-playable personalities, who couldn't die due to particular coding, could also capture the buy wow gold classic effect, meaning any participant who passed by them may receive Corrupted Blood.