Jianghu Night Rain Ten-year Lamp

  • Outside the cave, there were still some members of the Divine Riding Brigade guarding it. When Wei Mingyuan and others came to the entrance of the cave, they saluted solemnly one by one. How's it going inside? A member of the gang bowed and replied, "There was a strange noise not long ago." Wei Mingyuan hurriedly asked, "What kind of voice?" The member of the gang replied, "I don't know. It looks like a human laughing or a beast roaring.." Wei Mingyuan stretched out his hand to light a torch and asked everyone to light one. Bai Xiaofu refused to answer and said, "The fire is easy to extinguish. Brother, with a few luminous pearls, it is enough to illuminate." Wei Mingyuan Zhengrong said, "Brother Bai doesn't know something. Sometimes there is poisonous gas in this dark ancient cave. The power of this torch is to explore the way. Extinguishing the fire proves that the future is not feasible.." Bai Xiaofu said admiringly, "After all, my brother's experience is much worse than brother Wei's." Wei Mingyuan smiled and took the lead in walking to the entrance of the cave. Du Suqiong immediately followed him, followed by Bai Xiaofu, Xiang Piaoran and Yi Jing. The road in the cave was very smooth and wide, and the people walked for a while, except for a slight feeling of stuffiness, there was no trace of abnormality. In some places on the wall of the cave, there was mottled moss. Du Suqiong sighed softly: "This ancient cave seems to be completely artificially excavated along the nature. I don't know how much manpower it took at the beginning, nor how Du Nianyuan discovered it.." Wei Mingyuan then sighed, "That child is almost omniscient and omnipotent. It's a pity that she misused her intelligence and wisdom. Otherwise, how could it be like this in Jianghu.." Before he had finished speaking, suddenly there was a sharp howl in front of him. Sure enough, it was a bit like a man's ferocious laughter, but it sounded very cruel and harsh. Everyone was stunned and stopped. Wei Mingyuan looked back and asked,Vending Machine Motor, "What's that sound?" Du Suqiong said solemnly, "Nian yuan once told Lan Mei that there were many poisonous insects and monsters hidden in this cave. The sound seemed to be made by some strange beast.." Just as he was saying this, a fishy wind suddenly blew in his face, and the torches in everyone's hands were blown out. Wei Mingyuan shouted, "Everybody, get ready!" Everyone gathered their arms and prepared to accept the assault, but after the bloody wind, there was no difference,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, but the dark wall of the cave naturally emitted a burst of green light. Everyone held their breath and waited for a moment before Wei Mingyuan said softly, "Strange!"! Why is there light here? Du Suqiong touched the wall of the cave with her hand, and even her hand glowed. Then she said, "This is a phosphorus fire. I was forced by the light of the fire just now, so I couldn't notice it. Now when the light of the fire goes out, it comes out naturally." Wei Mingyuan nodded and said, "I don't know what's making a sound in front of me!" Bai Xiaofu was the first to say, "Whatever it is, it's going to happen anyway." Said has been to the front room, Wei Mingyuan afraid of his loss, hurriedly followed up, walked for a while, the dirty air has been showing a strong fishy smell. Bai Xiaofu knew that he was approaching and slowed down his pace automatically. Wei Mingyuan grabbed him side by side, and the two of them moved forward carefully. After walking for a while, the fishy smell became stronger. Bai Xiaofu suddenly stopped and pulled Wei Mingyuan. He solemnly pointed to the corner in front of him and said, "Brother Wei, please look!" Wei Mingyuan looked along and saw another path at the corner of the wall, micro gear motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, about half a foot wide, with two green blue lights in the darkness. There was a body lying in front of the path, and its limbs were already incomplete. Bai Xiaofu said softly, "These two green lights must be the eyes of a monster, and the corpse must have been killed by that monster. I just don't know which one." Wei Mingyuan took a look and said, "This man is tall and strong. He is not a person we know well. I think he is one of the Jianghu people who entered the cave that day. It's a pity that he was injured before he got the treasure.." "I'm sorry for him, Brother Wei," said Bai Xiaofu. "The monster's hiding place is just blocking the way. We have to draw it out first before we can try to get rid of it." Wei Mingyuan thought for a moment and bent down to lift something on the ground, but it was a knife, which seemed to be left by the Jianghu people who had been killed. As soon as he shook his hand, the dagger, carrying the wind, shot straight into the middle of the two points of blue light, first with a ding, and then with a sharp exposure! Two points of blue light moved, and a huge object slowly climbed out of the path. Everyone was taken aback by the phosphorescence! The monster was so strange. It had long hair and looked like a dog, but it was as big as a Buffalo. The giant in front of it was the size of a rice basket. The strangest thing was the head of the beast, which looked like a ferocious human face, with long hair on the top of its head and a short beard under its chin! Yi Jing's courage is the smallest, first exclaimed. "Don't be afraid," said Xiang Piaoran, who immediately approached her! This is a mountain! "Do you know it, Brother Xiang?" Wei Mingyuan asked in surprise. Xiang Piao Ran shook his head and said, "I don't know anyone. I just saw that the mountains recorded in the Book of Mountains and Seas were almost like this, so I boldly assumed it." "Yes," said Bai Xiaofu at once, "I remember it, brother. It's a ferocious beast. It's a happy proverb when it sees people. It has a good nature and acts like an arrow. It is only the essence of Qi. When it comes out, it's the style." When he recited the original text of the Book of Mountains and Seas, Wei Mingyuan immediately said, "No wonder it sounds like a person laughing. What other characteristics does it have?" "I don't know," said Bai Xiaofu. "There are only so many records in the Book of Mountains and Seas. This thing moves like the wind. We have to be careful. I didn't expect to meet this ancient beast here." At this time, the mountain ferocious has opened its big mouth, showing dense teeth, the long tail behind it swaying, as if it were very happy, and the blue light in its eyes is more prosperous! Wei Mingyuan said cautiously, "I just threw it with a knife. The force was about a thousand catties, but I couldn't hurt it. It shows that this guy is not easy to deal with." Without saying a word, Bai Xiaofu suddenly stepped forward and patted Shanhui on the head with his palm in the distance. His strength had been fully used. Shan Hui ate the palm wind a bump, four limbs grasp the ground, only shook the body, immediately opened his mouth to spray a fishy wind, toward Bai Xiaofu body. Bai Xiaofu rapped out, "What a beast!" Hold one's breath to hold back the fishy smell, still deceives the body to approach, one finger quickly stretches out, straight point to the mountain ferocious eye, the potential son is very fierce, the move is even more spicy. The ferocious mountain seemed to have no idea that the man was so good. As soon as he pressed his front paws on the ground, he pulled himself up in the air and retreated three or four feet back, moving like the wind! Bai Xiaofu originally thought that it could be pointed out,brushless gear motor, but who knew that it could retreat in a critical moment, but he could not help but be stunned, and the smell in his nose was fierce. ichgearmotor.com