Rogue master II

  • As the two groups watched more and more acquaintances wearing the uniforms of various professional clubs enter the venue, they already felt that the ESWC competition in Hunan had turned into a winter uniform exhibition of Chinese professional clubs. At this time, they were even more dumbfounded, because they found that Fang Shaoyun appeared in the competition venue. Fang Shaoyun is wearing a very low-key, he did not wear the Blue Star uniform. Just wearing a very ordinary black down jacket, inside is a turtleneck sweater. A pair of jeans. However, no matter what people like Fang Shaoyun wear, they are like fireflies in the dark and tractors on the expressway. Not to mention others, even the staff of ESWC, when they see him walking to the VIP seat closest to the scene, they don't even ask him for a ticket. They just call him brother Fang respectfully. SVS club's Ravr and other people and RVA's Nin and other people and Fang Shaoyun are all very familiar. Many times Fang Shaoyun and Bluestar go to Shanghai to play games, rub their meals, and let them play games after a big meal. Unusually shameless. So I was dumbfounded for a while. A group of people from the SVS club and a group of people from the RVA could not help but walk up to Fang Shaoyun and ask him. Didn't you sign up for the ESWC preliminary contest in Shanghai? What are you doing here? "I didn't sleep well the night before yesterday, and I was in poor spirits. I thought you were so ferocious that you would kill me if I went there, so I simply abstained." Fang Shaoyun said,outdoor palm trees, "How did you come to our Changsha competition area?" "Go and be killed by us?"? How did we get to Changsha? Hearing what Fang Shaoyun said, the people of SVS and RVA immediately said, "I rely on you, boss Fang, you can die if you don't pretend to be obscene?!"! "Look at what you said, then I'll tell you the truth." "Cut the crap and say it." "In fact,outdoor ficus tree, I wanted to go, but I found that you all signed up for the Changsha Competition Area. I think you all came. Then I have to cheer for you on the spot. So I won't go to Shanghai. I'll cheer for you. How about it? Brother is loyal enough." “!” Hearing what Fang Shaoyun said, a group of people from SVS and RVA could not help brushing each other's Shaoyun with a middle finger, and then turned around and walked away. Just as they turned around and walked out a few steps, one of them saw a young animal with beautiful features walking up to Fang Shaoyun with a depressed face and said, "Master, you have driven too many ducks to the shelf. You see, there are eight hundred masters without one thousand now. When the time comes, I won't be killed in the first game." … .. Master worker ?” When SVS and RVA heard this, they all stopped and turned to look at the young man in front of Fang Shaoyun. "Your apprentice?" Reavr and Nin could not help asking Fang Shaoyun immediately. If it is the apprentice of ordinary people, it is nothing. However, silk ficus tree ,artificial grass panels, Fang Shaoyun's apprentice, this amount is completely different. Ha ha, yeah. When Fang Shaoyun heard Reavr and Nin asking, he immediately laughed and said, "This is Zhang Peng, my new apprentice. How about it? It looks good. It's very beautiful. It's a bit of my old look." Fang Shaoyun actually officially received the second apprentice! It was the first thought that flashed into the minds of the gang at SVS and RV. This is really a shocking news. And a few seconds later, these people could not help but cry out, "I support your lungs!" SVS and RVA this group of people are not fools, although at first heard Zhang Peng depressed said to drive the duck on the shelf, rushed too much, they still do not understand what is going on, but this moment of time, they thought, but all understand. Fang Shaoyun, no wonder the people of Bluestar, Bat and several bullies of JF Club are all one mountain. How dare you do this on purpose and drive us all here to train your apprentices?! If it were someone else, a group of people from SVS and RVA might immediately despise him and say that he was arrogant, but this man is the notorious boss Fang. Now there are so many masters on the scene, wearing colorful uniforms like a winter exhibition, it can not be said that Fang Shaoyun is arrogant. The wretched boss Fang really has the capital to look down on the world. However, can not kill you, kill you a disciple, should also be able to do it, this is the world's heroes are gathered together ah! "That's his apprentice?!" "They're just going to drive us here to train his apprentices?" "I'll give him a lung!" The people of RVA immediately told a group of people from the Dragoon Club who had a good relationship with them, and the people of the SVS Club also immediately told a group of people from the Beijing Raytheon Club who had a good relationship with them, and for a time, one passed ten, ten passed one hundred, the contestants in the whole competition venue, N strong men from various clubs, Everyone already knows that Zhang Peng is Fang Shaoyun's apprentice. Zhang Peng, who was not famous in the professional star circle, suddenly became the focus of the whole audience, and all the contestants wanted to get rid of it quickly! Chapter 616 brother is very strong. In the whole competition venue. It brings together so many other masters from Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing,silk olive tree, Xi'an, Chengdu and Guangzhou. Zhang Peng is extremely regretful. He didn't show off at all. So many masters are chatting in groups. And no one noticed him. It's very low-key. You can also pretend to be a passer-by or something. Listen to these secretly, usually only on TV. What are the experts who can only be seen in live webcasts or videos saying. But a few minutes passed in an instant. He felt that the whole competition venue was completely different from what it had just been. So many masters in small groups look at themselves from time to time. Eyes are uniformly ferocious and full of murderous look. As if he owed them money and didn't pay it back. To paraphrase an old saying. If eyes can kill. Zhang Peng felt that he had died many times.