Sword casting in Jianghu

  • Mr. Jin, of course, is the chief housekeeper of "Happy Xiaolou", Jin Laocun. Duan Muhuan was silent for a moment, but said, "Forget it. Don't call Mr. Duanmu either. It's late at night. Maybe they're all asleep." After listening to this sentence, Ke Dongqing's eyes flashed a strange light, but it was fleeting. "Landlord," he said, "do you know where Miss You and I came in?" Duan Muhuan looked at him strangely. Ke Dongqing said, "From the kitchen of our'Happy Building ', when we came up from the ground, we broke a big vat." He smiled at this point. Duan Muhuan did not laugh, he knew that Ke Dongqing said these words to him at this time, absolutely not to make him laugh so simple. In fact, he also found that there was something strange about it. He sat down again. When he sat down, of course, he had to pour the wine, very naturally, as naturally as he had to close his eyes when he slept. "Tell me about how you rescued the swing," he said. Ke Dongqing said very concisely, before and after adding together, but also more than 20 sentences. But he had said all he had to say, and said nothing he didn't need to say. This is Ke Dongqing, who is greatly appreciated by Duan Muhuan. After Ke Dongqing finished speaking, both of them were silent. After a while, Duan Muhuan stood up and said, "Very good." What do you mean, "fine"? Ke Dongqing didn't ask. This is a small town. Inside the restaurant again. Our stories always like to happen in restaurants. In fact,PET blowing machine, this is not surprising. If you don't want others to find you, you can come to the restaurant, pick a corner to sit down, carry people on your back, ask for a few humble dishes, drink and eat silently, then no one will look at you more, because there is never a lack of eye-catching bright spots in the restaurant. If you want others to find you, make such a bright spot. People like to look at one thing or one thing when they eat. Up to now, there is no bright spot in this restaurant, and no one wants to hide himself deliberately. Then a man came in. This is a very dignified man in his forties. This kind of dignity can not be concealed, his clothes are so luxurious, walking is so powerful, anyone can not help but have a sense of looking up. The knife in his hand was wide and thick, water filling machine ,bottle blowing machine, with a slightly curved handle, like a dragon head with its head raised and its eyes angry. But he wore a hat with a low brim, as if he did not want his face to be seen. It seems that he doesn't want anyone to find out. But who wouldn't notice him with a knife and a hat like that? So, there's a good chance he's also someone who wants to be noticed. No matter what kind of person he is, anyway, the pattern we mentioned earlier appears. In the restaurant, there will never be a lack of stories, just as there will never be a lack of women in the brothel, so natural and real. The mighty man with a strange knife in his hand picked up a corner and sat down, asked for a few humble dishes, and carried them on his back, eating silently. He really falls into the category of people who don't want to be noticed. But something happened that I couldn't help. First, a man at a table by the window began to bow his head and whisper. From time to time, as they spoke, their eyes swept over the middle-aged man in the hat. Their voices are small, but just small enough to be heard. Many people seem to be particularly interested in this kind of words which are not easy to hear but just can be heard. If people's ears could stand up like rabbits, this restaurant would have become a rabbit farm. They are saying: He is the'Broken Dream Knife 'Situ Shui! Even the dream can be a knife, how terrible it is! The sound spread like a plague. In the end, everyone knew about it except the deaf. If this dignified man is not a "broken dream knife", then who is the "broken dream knife"? If Situ Shui is also a sword, perhaps people have already attributed him to Duan Muhuan, Yi Wangyou, Mo Ruchou, Qiu Mengnu together, and then add another name! Unfortunately, he used a knife. He is a friend of Duan Muhuan, the kind of friend who wears a pair of trousers and has two people to spare. People who can become friends of Duan Muhuan are not simple, and Szeto Shui is naturally not a simple person. Duan Muhuan has a friend whose martial arts are very low, so low that he can only play unfashionable boxing such as Changquan. But he is not simple. Because almost all the brothels in the world are under his control. Although there are only women in the brothel, and some women are not so on the scene, but it is absolutely not simple, many of the news you can not find out, it can easily ask. Situ Shui's swordsmanship is excellent. Some people say that his swordsmanship can be compared with that of Liu Huihui, the "ghost sword" forty years ago. Insiders know that this statement is not correct, the correct statement is that Situ Shui's knife skills have been above the world-famous "ghost knife" Liu Huihui 40 years ago. Now, almost all the eyes in the restaurant have been focused on Szeto Shui. The vision is very complex, but the admiration is in the majority. Finally, a big fellow stood up, holding a wine glass in his hand, and went to Szeto Shui. He also had a knife on his waist, a very good knife, but now he wanted to hide it behind his back. Everyone could see that he was excited and nervous. When he stood down in front of Szeto Shui, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty and said, "Master Szeto.." The voice was hoarse and dry, rustling like a broken bellows. The man raised his head, but his face was still under his hat. "Did you call me?" He asked in surprise. "Yes," said the big fellow respectfully,liquid bottle filling machine, "I'd like to propose a toast to Master Situ." "I.." said the man. I'm not Master Situ. The big fellow's face was even more respectful: "Daxia is really a real person who doesn't show his face. In fact, even if Daxia doesn't tell us, we can guess that you are Daxia Situ just by his noble spirit." Several people have echoed loudly. gzxilinear.com