Military Wedding "Tanbi Science Fiction"

  • His eyes narrowed and stared at his prey: "Little Fox, do you want to kick your husband into a cripple at the critical moment of the wedding?" McJoe pushed Deng Tianqing away and quickly jumped to the opposite sofa. He didn't know that he was acting like a frightened rabbit at the moment. His face was slightly red and his lips were ruddy after being kissed, but he still said without expression: "I don't sleep with a man I haven't known for a few hours." Deng Tianqing bent his right leg on the sofa and opened his eyes to look at the little rabbit who had turned into a little fox again. He admitted that he was a little anxious just now, but he didn't regret it. Since the little fox was frightened, he had to put it down first, but his lower body was difficult. He still didn't give up. He had to solve it today. It is your duty to serve your husband. If you don't want to go to bed today, you will go to bed tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. McJoe's face froze and he said, "Do you have nothing on your mind but sex, or do you get married to have sex?" Deng Tianqing's red/naked writing on his face makes it hard for people not to know. However, McJoe seems to underestimate the other side's face. His face is made of cowhide, so thick. In order to verify the cheekiness in McJoe's heart, Deng Tianqing tacitly pointed to his swollen lower body and said: "Obligation." Can you pretend not to see it? The answer is no. McJoe squinted at Deng Tianqing, clenched his teeth and walked back to him, pushing him back on the sofa: "I'll help you solve it." "By hand?" Deng Tianqing seems to have no doubt. It's written clearly in McJoe's eyes, "My ass is not for you to use for the time being!"! "Have a problem?" Deng Tianqing thought of his urgent need to solve the following, temporary compromise: "This time can, next time not necessarily." "Let's talk about it next time." McJoe, who did what he said,CSD filling line, began to give his husband relief. He untied Deng Tianqing's belt without dragging his feet at all. Because he had never untied such a complicated belt, he had to pull it with brute force. Deng Tianqing's waist was pulled by him with some pain, so he had to untie the belt himself. Then, McJoe saw a large bird-like object on the other side. Without blinking, he reached out to hold it. Deng Tianqing took a deep breath. McJoe now straddled Deng Tianqing's legs. The latter's younger brother was held in his hands. Then, he regularly relieved his suffering. Of course, McJoe was a serious and meticulous person. He also buried himself in serving his husband seriously. Unwilling Deng Tianqing reached out and patted McJoe's buttocks,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, then skillfully untied his belt and held his younger brother. McJoe looked at him suspiciously. He said innocently, "We can help each other." "I don't need it." "You need to, you see, it's all up." Receiving McJoe's stare again, Deng Tianqing provoked anyone's younger brother to stand up, his fingers were still on it, the transparent liquid was coming out, and he pinched it with his rough fingers from time to time, which made McJoe tremble all over his body. Hey, I said I could help you. "But I like to learn from Lei Feng to help others." "You are insulting the revolutionary forefathers." "I just want to do good, you see, you do not like, in fact, Edible oil filling machine ,Beverage packing machine, I also like, help each other is not very good?" “…… Not good McJoe frowned. There's nothing wrong with it. Deng Tianqing leaned forward and kissed McJoe at the corners of his mouth, blushing and not wanting it. But Deng Tianqing shameless ruffian, McJoe continues to serve him, thick guy, has the potential to stand firm, McJoe in fact is not small, in Deng Tianqing skills under the tendency to burst out. Well, keep up the good work.. After a long time, my hands were almost numb. Deng Tianqing let go and said to McJoe's red-hot face, "Let's shoot together." Then, both of their suits were stained with warm milky liquid. McJoe simply lay on the sofa and did not want to move. The relieved man's head was pressed against his chest, and then he heard a grunt. Recovering his expressionless face, McJoe pushed his head away and said awkwardly, "I'm hungry." Some male pounce on immediately, answer: "Feed you immediately." McJoe kicked his opponent in the lower abdomen and bent his elbow against his chest. "I want to eat!" He's really hungry. Chapter 07 cooking mobile phone reading mbook. CN. Lightly dodging McJoe's fierce attack, Deng Tianqing got down from the sofa. He knows that McJoe has no interest in Western food and eats less at noon. He knows how many calories a big boy needs to take in. Can you cook? Deng Tianqing asked McJoe, the latter naturally shook his head, he did not know anything about a thousand years later, let alone cooking, he did not even go into the kitchen, when he first came to school, eating the school buffet, cooking he really did not think about. Unable This is McJoe's concise and powerful answer. With a partner who can't cook, their life should not be too bad. Deng Tianqing will still do a little. All right, I'll cook for you. Deng Tianqing suddenly wanted to do the impulse, and now he is ready to carry out this idea to the end. Thank you "You're welcome. You can say thank you with your kiss." He pointed to his mouth. McJoe hung his head and did not look at him. He heard nothing. Sure enough is not an active partner, of course, this does not affect Deng Tianqing want to cook for his partner in a good mood. In fact, a thousand years later, cooking is not difficult, as long as the electronic watch input the items needed, there will soon be a robot to buy, the points through the bank card to pay, the robot will leave, a series of processes for McJoe eye-opening, of course, also let him guess that Deng Tianqing's way of cooking is not so complicated. He slowly followed the other side and watched him carry the food into the kitchen. Then, he put the washed and cut vegetables into the electronic oven similar to the microwave oven. In a few minutes, the vegetables were cooked. The meat was cooked in a similar way. They were put into the electronic oven together. After setting the time, they would automatically pop up the dish to the time from inside. In fact, these could be done by the robot. When the robot brought out the dishes,water bottle packaging machine, McJoe felt very full. Looking at the so-called nutritious meals, it was really hard to swallow. The vegetables seemed to have no salt, and the meat was half-cooked.