Fake hero

  • Captain Margaret, your army has captured a citizen of the Leray Federation. Coincidentally, this is an official of the Treasury Department of the Leray Federation. I'm not reasonable. Hurry to put me back! There was a dead silence in the room, and the two men stared at each other. After a long time, Marguerite brushed her long hair with her hand and smiled. *** you! What's it to me that your guy got caught? I've been with you all day. Fatty fool, you've been kicked in the head by a donkey, haven't you? Eh? The fat man stared at Marguerite. This bitch is so shrewish. He did not know that Margaret was Hastings's granddaughter, and he did not know that the little witch was so shrewish and quick to change her face that she was famous among the children of Fei Yang's high-ranking officials and rich people! At the beginning, the unlucky man who tried to drug her was talking and laughing with the red-faced and shy Margaret in the envious eyes of everyone one second before he was deprived of his life. The dozen or so people around her did not see any sign that Margaret, who was elegant and ladylike, was angry. That kick was suddenly completed. Marguerite listened to the unfortunate man with a smile. Suddenly it was a kick. The heels went straight to the guy's manhood. Next, in front of all the well-dressed party guests, the beautiful woman in evening dress,water bottling line, like a princess, became the eldest sister of street hooligans. The noble and elegant temperament is matched with the rude words in the mouth and the charm of the coquettish wind and dust, which makes people stunned and dazzled. Everyone knows that this little witch never plays by the rules. He has never been bound by the interests of any upbringing, and he can say and do whatever he wants. Che's praise or abuse, slander or flattery are all floating clouds for her. In front of hundreds of members of the upper class,liquid bottle filling machine, they suddenly fell out and called themselves old grannies. Calling people a bastard and an idiot, killing people's lifeblood, is just one of her wanton acts. Whether she is facing a high-ranking official, a rich man, or her own uncle, as long as she is angered, her face. One second it's sunny and sunny, and the next second it's lightning and thunder. Change when you say so. No face at all. This comes down in one continuous line with Hastings, who is quick to fall out and has a thunderous means. Grandfather and grandson are simply the same virtue. The fat man was in a daze. Margaret also did not expect that the fat man's face-changing speed was even faster than his own. Just a few seconds ago, I tried my best to guide him. Result. This guy fell out when he got a message. Burn the bridge without mercy. It's outrageous to turn your back on people! I often have a little transition. This guy has no transition at all. "Oh!" The fat man rolled up his sleeves. "Are you challenging me?" Want to hit me? Fight, Vegetable oil filling machine ,juice filling machine, you fight. "Marguerite puffed out her chest, her eyes were like silk, she spoke, and her foot was like lightning." Whoa, you kicked my dick? The fat man broke out in a cold sweat. Fatty, you hide fast. Let go of my foot. Smelly woman, you don't want to run away today, I will exchange you! Help, help! "Bitch, I'm going to take care of you today, but I dare to use this.." "Fat brother, don't spank. I didn't catch him. I'll ask them to let him go sometime. Are you going to play this game? "Fight..". Right How to give instructions next? "Fatty, you've scratched my feet and you're going to pay for it." Get out of here and don't give me any attention. You want a boob without a boob, a butt without a butt. "All right, fatso, you wait." "Whatever you want, crazy woman." "Asshole.". After this round, it's your turn to teach me mecha combat. By the way, what's your name in the war? "I called s..." Words to the mouth, the fat man suddenly woke up, his ID, in the flames of war, that is the rat crossing the street, was spread out by this woman, that also got, immediately changed: "ask so much why, anyway, when you fight, not I fight!" "I heard that you picked nine mecha halls here. If you can help me revenge, I.." "Don't make a promise with your body. If you are really hungry and thirsty, I will help you touch it at most. It is the right to save lives." But I like to tie you up.. With a whip and wax. ..... Fat brother 。” "Go away!" All right,plastic bottle making machine, it's time to change the game. Help me get revenge! "Who provoked you? Look at the way you gnash your teeth." "Who else..". 01314 the bastard who got a thousand knives! "Who?" The fat man shivered with fear. Don't you know, that guy, he's back! Now there is a river of blood in the flames of war! I didn't finish it. I got up early in the morning to write it. Don't hit the face. gzxilinear.com