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  • Only then did Zhu Qiqi move and take out a small bundle with cinnabar and black ash inside. "Get your face off before you go out," she said softly. Green clothes reached out to touch a little black ash on the face, Lu Jin also according to the words of the finger touched a little cinnabar wipe in the eye socket, at first glance, but like a red birthmark. Murong Xuan took a look at the black ash and cinnabar, and then took a look at Zhu Qiqi, who quietly lifted a gap in the side curtain of the carriage and looked out. Then he asked aloud, "Why don't you make a face?" Green clothes and Lu Jin knew that he was not asking them, so they all decorated their faces by themselves. But Zhu Qiqi only looked outside, also did not discover that Murong Xuan was talking to her. Being ignored, Murong Xuan could only toughen his scalp and ask again: "Why don't you make a face?" Only then did Zhu Qiqi react, and she turned to look at Murong Xuan, "huh?" "I ask you, why don't you make a face?" Zhu Qiqi took a look at cinnabar and black ash and answered him with a natural face: "No one has ever seen my face." "So I don't need a face." After Zhu Qiqi finished, he turned his face and looked out of the side curtain. Is Miss Zhu, the richest man, so mysterious? Murong Xuan's face was surprised. He slanted his head to look at the green clothes and Lu Jin again, and these two people had no surprised expression at all?! So Murong Xuan looked at them in surprise and asked, "Aren't you surprised at all?" Unfortunately, the two people did not respond, only Murong Xuan a person silly Leng palpitation in situ. Then Zhu Qiqi turned to look at the other three: "Are you ready?"? There aren't many people outside now. Let's go down. Suddenly, she saw that Murong Xuan's face had not changed. Ben Wang said not to wipe it. Zhu Qiqi frowned at Murong Xuan, who had no movement to move his hands and feet on his face. They've almost spent it. Why don't you move? I really don't know what Murong Xuan is thinking in his mind. And why did he look at her in that strange way? Murong Xuan looked at Zhu Qiqi for a while,faux grass wall, one side of the green clothes and Lu Jin has been completed. When the two of them looked up, they saw Zhu Qiqi and Murong Xuan looking at each other in such a big way. Finally, Murong Xuan broke the silence, he took a look at Zhu Qiqi, and then took a look at the very strange face of Lu Jin and green clothes. Then, frowning, he showed his reluctance: "I don't want to spend those things." "Why?" Zhu Qiqi asked him with an expressionless face. Thick, this Murong Xuan or the royal temper is very, this critical moment, but also picky! "Because.." Murong Xuan took a look at cinnabar and black ash, and the meaning of disgust was clearly expressed on his face. Because these things look so disgusting! "Just because of that?!" Zhu Qiqi can't help laughing, sweat, large palm trees for sale ,fake ficus tree, what reason is this?! "Mmm." Murong Xuan is very serious nod, that appearance, it is like a big child. You Zhu Qiqi wanted to blame him. But when the words came to her lips, she took another look at Murong Xuan's extremely childish expression. Swallowing saliva, Zhu Qiqi still did not accuse him, she just looked at cinnabar and black ash and gas to explain: "These.." "These things can be washed off." Well, you know what? Zhu Qiqi explained carefully. The patient persuasion was no different from that of the elder sister who took care of the children in kindergarten. Murong Xuan's handsome eyebrows are still wrinkled, his face is still not good-looking: "The king said not to wipe is not to wipe!" Zhu Qiqi was enraged by his unreasonable appearance: "Don't you want to wipe it?"? Then tell me how you're going to get in! "Why can't you go in?" Murong Xuan snorted. Take advantage of me! "Oh, Wang Ye, you're not going out with your face, are you?" Hum, if he is not afraid of being recognized, and then to catch a turtle in a jar, then he is bold to go out like that! Murong Xuan did not answer her, but he narrowed his eyes and complained to Zhu Qiqi: "Why do you seem to have a lot of resentment towards me?" Zhu Qiqi is dumb, is there? Did she? "Yes." He seemed to be able to read her expression. "Don't talk too much. If you don't want to wipe your face, don't go down!" With that, Zhu Qiqi did not know whether it was because his mind was seen through or something else, so he bent down and got out of the carriage. Unexpectedly, she just got out of the carriage, her face had not been raised, and there was a guy's head in her arms. Zhu Qiqi was stunned, and when she realized who the owner of the head in her arms was, she wanted to kick the man hard! But if she had moved, the people around her would have found the owner of the head. So, Zhu Qiqi forbore. She reached out and pushed the guy in her arms, and then, in a low voice, she said, "You get in the carriage!" Hey, not only did her words have no effect, but the guy was shamelessly rubbing up in her arms! "Mu.." Zhu Qiqi almost couldn't help crying out! But she was not a brainless fool, so she still endured it. Get your ass back in the wagon! She ordered in a low voice! Anyway, no matter how angry she talked to Murong Xuan, he would not talk to her. She would rather be angry with him than waste time talking to him nicely, and she would see if he would go back to the carriage! "No!" The owner of the head in his arms buried his face in Zhu Qiqi's chest and whispered back in a strange voice. Zhu Qiqi's bulging chest clearly felt the sudden addition of the head. Face, all of a sudden as if you can drop blood to the same red! Murong Xuan, you bastard, you are taking advantage of me! How dare you! And the shameless Murong Xuan is very comfortable at this time inhaling the body fragrance of Zhu Qiqi. His handsome face,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, is very comfortable to feel the softness of Zhu Qiqi Shuangfeng. Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. Just as Murong Xuan sighed to himself, his head was covered by a rag!. hacartificialtree.com