Wan Qingsi _ Bobo

  • Although the abnormal beautiful man was satisfied with Wei Jinlan's expression, he still refused to let go and continued to tease and humiliate him: "It is said in the world that the daughter of Wei Jinlan, the prime minister of the Dynasty, is a lady of a good family who knows books and etiquette best and is quiet and dignified. I didn't expect that she was so lascivious in her bones." He paused, turned his head and glanced at me, and the corners of his lips floated with my initial puzzlement and now sudden sarcasm, "How could he be so happy with the man who raped her, even more dissolute and cheap than the whore in the brothel!" I bit my lower lip. Ignore him. Ignore what he says. I told myself in my heart, even though his harsh words almost made me faint. This abnormal man just wants to humiliate Wei Jinlan, I am not Wei Jinlan's daughter, there is no need to automatically and consciously bear his humiliation. I am an adult from the 21st century with normal physical needs. When I woke up, I didn't know that he was doing violence to this body. Why should I be ashamed? He is the one who rapes, the one who does wrong, and he should be ashamed! Why should I take other people's mistakes to annoy myself and punish myself? No, I'm not ashamed! Thinking of this, my heart is relaxed, everything in front of me is like a farce, I am just a theatre audience, involved in watching a boring performance. I looked at the man, ignoring the sarcasm on his lips, and looked at his beautiful black eyes without a trace of emotion. Such beautiful eyes. I laughed in my heart, but unfortunately, this man dropped three stars in my heart. This abnormal man, if he knew that I was not Wei Jinlan's daughter at all, what he did did not mean anything to me at all. I'm afraid his cold eyes and expression would collapse immediately. I don't know if he could say such disgusting words in his mouth at that time? Thinking of this, I couldn't help chuckling. Chapter 3 patricide. My smile is obviously out of place. The abnormal handsome man did not see his expected expression of shame and indignation, but only saw my eyes looking at him frankly,ultrasonic metal welding, and my light smile slowly emerging. He looked at my black eyes flashing a ray of light, and when he felt the sarcasm in my chuckle, his eyes gradually deepened. Before he could react further, Wei Jinlan in the urn was humiliated by his words and lost his mind. I laughed in the face of those words, but Wei Jinlan was mad, and I don't know how he got the strength to fight for the broken torso, struggling to stick his head out and bite the white robe of the abnormal beautiful man. Abnormal beautiful man frowned, two pretty servant girls were taken aback, one came forward to pinch open Wei Jinlan's mouth, one grabbed the white robe to pull it out of his mouth, which knew that the strength of Wei Jinlan's teeth was also quite large, between this grab, the abnormal beautiful man's white robe "Zi" tore down a piece of cloth. The two servant girls turned pale with fright, and the broken white robe of the abnormal beautiful man was stained with the dirty blood in Wei Jinlan's mouth. The abnormal beautiful man looked at Wei Jinlan with a cold face and snorted coldly, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, "I can't open my mouth to curse. My teeth are still so sharp." When Wei Jinlan heard this, a strange smile appeared on his bloody face. The piece of white silk pulled off by his teeth was still biting in his mouth. He stared at the perverted beautiful man mercilessly, slowly wrapped the broken silk into his mouth, chewed it provocatively, and swallowed it. Although he is reduced to such a field, unable to speak, but also to fight back in such a way abnormal beautiful man, I almost can not help but applaud for him, this Wei Jinlan, is also a character. Looking at his fierce appearance, I have no doubt that if he survived the disaster, and the perverted beautiful man unfortunately fell into his hands, he would bite off the flesh of the perverted beautiful man and swallow it into his stomach. Just, will there be such a if? Wei Jinlan's behavior really angered the abnormal beautiful man. He pinched Wei Jinlan's jaw and said in a cold voice, "If you don't have any more teeth?"? What should I do? The voice did not fall, his hand suddenly a hard twist, only to hear a "click-" a crisp sound, people who have not heard this sound, absolutely can not imagine this kind of teeth were forced from the gums when the sound of flesh and blood separation! Wei Jinlan's whole teeth have been scattered out, and the blood surged out, a few teeth fell to the ground, more still in Wei Jinlan's mouth. Abnormal beautiful man's wrist has been covered with blood, white robe was also sprayed with ferocious blood stains, Wei Jinlan hoarse screams also sounded at the right time. I experienced the most horrible fear in my life. Before that, I only saw the tragic situation after Wei Jinlan was abused. No matter how miserable it was, it was not as bloody, direct and creepy as the atrocities being carried out in front of me. Unable to bear the bloody scene any longer, I collapsed on the bed, covering my mouth tightly, screaming in horror and sobbing through my fingers. The abnormal and beautiful man turned to look at me. My frightened expression seemed to make him feel a little interesting. He loosened Wei Jinlan's broken jaw and looked at me thoughtfully. My whole body trembled and covered my mouth tightly, trying to stop the sobs in my mouth. Tears gushed out like a flood bursting the dike. Two servant girls came to clean him up again, but he still did not move, let them busily scrub the blood stains on his hands, and then put on a clean white robe for him, everything was ready, but he still did not move, his eyes have been staring at me tightly, staring at my almost collapsed expression. After a while, there was a cruel smile on the lips of the abnormal and beautiful man. He looked at me with his eyes, but in his mouth, he sneered at Wei Jinlan, who was twitching with pain and making a "whine" sound in the urn: "I didn't expect that a man with half his life left still had the strength to hum.." "Purple Kite." The abnormal and beautiful man suddenly turned his head and called out to the purple servant girl standing on the right. "Let Prime Minister Wei save his strength and stop," he said with a smile. With a smiling face, Ziyuan brought a wine jar sealed with red paper behind the door, walked up to Wei Jinlan,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, carefully lifted the red paper cover, and poured the contents into the big urn. Most of the black things fell into the urn, and some of them were scattered on Wei Jinlan's head in a mess. I fixed my eyes on them and found that they were all black spiders the size of longans. fycgsonic.com