Emperor tyrant

  • This immediately made many of the younger generation of geniuses feel desperate, they these geniuses, compared with the present Li Qiye, it is simply not worth mentioning, now he has been able to challenge immortality, even if one of their younger generation has become the true emperor, it is not necessarily better than him. Even the true blood of Wan Tong is enough to take your life! The great butcher's knife roared and roared unwillingly. Everyone looked at the true God of the butcher's knife, and many people realized that the true God of the butcher's knife was not as powerful as they had imagined. A lot of Lao Zu also understand that Li Qiye's words are the truth, butcher knife true God this drop of true blood left too long, although there are layers of seals, but the divinity is still lost, more importantly, this drop of ancestor true blood, not Kaitian Dao Zu left at the level of the emperor, but left at the level of Wan Tong, the strength is indeed weakened. It's just a fool's dream. Li Qiye smiled and said slowly, "It's time for me to harvest." With that, his eyes sharpened. Boom- "a loud noise, in this moment, Li Qiye seems to explode, in an instant, the world is dark, the whole world seems to fall into endless darkness, the whole world is no longer in the sun, the world can no longer see the light, everyone is in endless darkness." What happened- "In this moment, the whole world seemed to be plunged into darkness, which immediately shocked all the people present.". Because this is not an illusion, in this moment, everyone has fallen into the same, in this darkness never see the light of day, people have a sense of despair. "Peng-" sounded, in this moment, as if death came,small gold wash plant, the breath of death rose, as if a world of the dead appeared in front of everyone. At this time, a figure appeared in front of everyone, only to see him standing on the position of Li Qiye just now. He is Li Qiye, but at this time, Li Qiye is completely different, his whole person is like the incarnation of death, is no longer a living. Before that, although Li Qiye was very terrible, he was a living man after all. Now Li Qiye is no longer a living person. It seems that he is a God of death. The whole person is incarnated by death. In this moment, he seems to be the source of death. As long as he is there, all death is under his jurisdiction. He is the origin of all death. Is that, is that still human? Although countless monks have seen death, but when they saw Li Qiye at this time, everyone shivered, especially Li Qiye's eyes of death, no one dared to look at it, because everyone felt that when they saw this pair of eyes, Carbon in Pulp ,tin beneficiation plant, they knew their destination and knew their death. He, he, he is the devil, the devil that everyone punishes- "Seeing Li Qiye in a state of death, a true God gave a sharp shout and shouted:" Such a devil, everyone punishes him! " Hearing a sharp shout from the true God, Li Qiye looked at him, and when he looked at him, death enveloped the true God in an instant. The sound of "Zi, Zi, Zi" sounded, and at this moment, the whole body of the true God dried up, as if his life had been taken away at once, and all the life had been taken away. No- "The true God felt his life and all life passing away, and he screamed, but he could do nothing.". In the blink of an eye, the true God turned into a mummy, then his whole body broke into pieces, turned into powder, and drifted away with the wind as if he had never appeared in the world. Seeing that the true God lost his life in the blink of an eye, lost all his life, and disappeared in the blink of an eye, all the people present were stunned. Chapter 2404 giants. ? For a while Everyone is attracted by this drop of True Blood. Such a drop of True Blood is a priceless treasure. The true blood of the first ancestor, such a thing, in the three major orthodoxy is indeed only Kaitian orthodoxy can be taken out, and indeed only the true God of the butcher's knife can be taken out. Like Panlong Orthodoxy, although they are very powerful, they are not the orthodoxy of Panlong Orthodoxy, not the inheritance of ancestors, but the descendants of the worship of the moon, they can not have the true blood of Panlong ancestors. The same is true of the Sword Tomb. The Ling family is the descendant of Kensei. It is impossible for the Sword Tomb to have such a thing as the true blood of the ancestor. Kaitian orthodoxy is different. They have always been the descendants of Kaitian Dao Zu, so their inheritance has many details left by Kaitian Dao Zu. The true God of the butcher's knife made a great contribution to the orthodoxy of Kaitian in those years, so he rewarded such a drop of the true blood of Kaitian Dao Zu. But for a long time, the true God of the butcher's knife was not willing to use this drop of the true blood of Kaitian Dao Zu, because it could often save his life in danger, so he kept it all the time and was reluctant to use it. Today, he threw caution to the wind and took out this drop of true blood. Looking at this drop of true blood of the ancestor, I don't know how many people swallowed a mouthful of saliva, for their ancestors, such a drop of true blood of the ancestor, not only can strengthen their strength, as long as the method is used correctly, but also can prolong their life. For the younger generation with shallow Taoism, if such true blood is diluted in a unique way, let the younger generation take it, which will make the younger generation advance by leaps and bounds. For some people, the value of such a drop of ancestral blood is far more than that of treasures or weapons. Hearing the sound of "bang", this drop of the true blood of the ancestor fell into the treasure bowl. This treasure bowl is also a very powerful treasure. In this moment, all the true blood of the ancestor's true blood was fused. There was a sound of "grunt". At that moment, the true God of butcher's knife drank a bowl full of true blood. When he finished drinking a bowl of true blood, he heard a loud noise of "boom". At that moment, the true God of butcher's knife gushed out endless light. Boom, boom, boom. "At this moment,gold cil machine, even the space trembled, only to see the true God of the butcher's knife growing bigger and bigger in the endless light, and growing faster and faster.". ore-magnetic-mining.com