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  • "Luck?" Ling Zhengyang said with a wry smile, "If it really depends on luck, did Lin Dong dare to bet so much?"? If he is right, he should not only have a close friendship with Li Jiancheng, but also have an incredible friendship with Fu Tongshan. Otherwise, Fu Tongshan would not have told him such a confidential thing. Fu Tongshan is now the sharpest knife in the hands of Emperor Ganwei, and I'm afraid he got the most benefits afterwards. When the time comes, we are not considering how to use the fabricated court movements to attack Lin Ji Inn, but Lin Ji Inn is considering how to use the fabricated court movements to attack our Fenglin Restaurant. With Fu Tongshan's later identity, we can't suppress it even if we want to. Fortunately, the only thing that fabricates the trend of the court is Qiufeng City, which is not to the extent that it can't be solved. "Lin Ji Inn, in turn, attacked us with fabricated news from the court?" Jiang Youcai was stunned, and after a long time, he suddenly shivered and panicked. With a splash, Jiang Youcai fell to his knees and said in a trembling voice, "Third Young Master, you must save me.". I've been working in Fenglin Restaurant for more than twenty years. I've worked hard without merit. Third Young Master, you must save me. "Get up. It shouldn't be enough to throw you out to atone." Ling Zhengyang waved his hand and said, "All the major Fenglin Restaurants normally provide information about the court. Only the Fenglin Restaurant in Qiufeng City provides false information. In order to suppress competitors, the shopkeeper of Fenglin Restaurant in Qiufeng City releases false information without authorization. There is no loophole in this reason.". It can be said that as long as no one proves that I am in Qiufeng City,portable gold wash plant, it is very difficult to hurt the root of the whole Fenglin Restaurant. "Can, can.." Jiang Youcai thought of it, and when he heard it, he trembled and crawled down. Can't hurt the root of the whole Fenglin Restaurant, but does not mean that can't hurt the Fenglin Restaurant in Qiufeng City, Lin Ji Inn really want to go up through Fu Tongshan, the shopkeeper himself, the guilt is hard to escape. Get up when you're told to. Ling Zhengyang rubbed his head in pain and fabricated the movement of the imperial court. He didn't take it to heart. His headache was the appearance of Fu Tongshan,manganese beneficiation plant, which was a blow to the behind-the-scenes backing of Fenglin Restaurant. Jiang Youcai climbed up carefully and looked longingly at Ling Zhengyang, hesitating to speak. Rest assured, "Ling Zhengyang was a little upset, but had to explain:" In front of our Fenglin Restaurant, Lin Ji Inn is just an ant at the foot of a giant elephant. To be able to pull out a hair on the body of a giant elephant is indeed a pleasant thing, but the consequences, Lin Dong will not be unclear. If he really wants to do this, our Fenglin Restaurant will lose millions of taels of silver and open a Fenglin Restaurant next to all the branches of Lin Ji Inn, free of charge every day, which is enough to crush Lin Ji Inn. So, as long as Lin Dong is not stupid, he will never do such a thing that is not worth the loss. "Really, really?" Jiang Youcai's gloomy mood became excited in an instant, with the light of proof in his eyes. Whether it's true or not, we'll know if we go to the Lin Ji Inn to talk about it. Ling Zhengyang waved his hand impatiently and said, Portable gold trommel ,tin beneficiation plant, "Go and prepare the carriage first. When I understand something, I'll go to the Lin Ji Inn." "I'll go and prepare the carriage." Jiang Youcai nodded and trotted to the entrance of the courtyard. Ling Zhengyang sighed heavily, rubbed his temples and sat down again, picked up the chopsticks on the table, stuffed a vigorous beef ball into his mouth, and chewed it without knowing the taste. Chapter 304 of the main text is super hot. Chapter three hundred and four super hot! The carriage galloped all the way, closing the distance between the two sides with Shuangxi City, where the fifth branch is located. Day and night, on the morning of the eighth day, the rolling wheels with countless dust finally drove into the gate of Shuangxi City. Arriving at the Lin Ji Inn, Lin Dong, who was in a trance all the way and sometimes found it difficult to concentrate on his practice, waved back Liu Hua and Wu Guang and walked quickly into the sundry room. Arriving at the Lin Ji Inn in Qiufeng City, Lin Dong checked the situation outside the sundry room, pushed open the door, and then walked quickly to the room where the disciples of Ancient Huan Zong were practicing. After knocking on the door and asking Jiang Zhen to help call Ma Chun, Lin Dong breathed a sigh of relief and could not calm down to go to the room and wait for Ma Chun to come over. He simply strode to the backyard and waited for Ma Chun. A quarter of an hour later, Ma Chun hurried excitedly into the gate. "Ma Chun aside, Lin Dong shouted a voice." Shopkeeper, have you arrived at Shuangxi City? Ma Chun hurriedly asked. Arrive. "Lin Dong couldn't wait to ask," What's the reaction of Fenglin Restaurant? " Ma Chun grinned and laughed. Knowing that Lin Dong was impatient, he dared not pretend to be mysterious. He explained, "On the day Lingshi Fan was launched, Ling Zhengyang came over and was perfunctorily returned by me.". For a few days, Ling Zhengyang would come to Lin Ji Inn every day to inquire about the news of the shopkeeper. In the past few days, I simply stayed at our Lin Ji Inn. "Stayed at the Lin Ji Inn?" Lin Dong asked nervously, "What's going on at the Fenglin Restaurant?" "There's no movement, just wasting it." Ma Chun explained: "It's always 90% off, and it's useless to lower it any more.". One of the big restaurants that betrayed our alliance was closed the day before yesterday. As far as I'm concerned, we don't have to wait for the summer to end. Within a month, the remaining six depositories will be closed. No, it should be seven, and Fenglin Restaurant. Lin Dong right fist mercilessly waved, the last time the jade peony and others arrived at Lin Ji Inn, Fenglin Restaurant no movement, he can feel Ling Zhengyang unwilling to fail, there must be some back hand. This time, there was no movement, but he firmly believed that Ling Zhengyang had admitted defeat and recognized it thoroughly. How about Lingshi Fan? Lin Dong asked. In just seven or eight days, the price of food and wine in our inn has increased by 20%, but the silver card has risen instead of falling. More than 1300 cards have been sent out, 76 gold cards have been sent out, and two diamond cards have also been sent out. Ma Chun said excitedly, "This is because we don't have enough tables and boxes in the inn. If we have enough tables and boxes, we can increase them.". Look at the momentum, send one hundred and eighty silver cards and six or seven gold cards every day, and it will last at least five or six days. In the future, although it will come down,Carbon in Pulp, it will certainly not send a silver card out in two or three days as before. Lin Dong's eyelids jumped for a while, and one hundred and eighty silver cards meant that the inn had a daily turnover of at least ten thousand taels of silver. With the number of tables on the second floor, it can support up to 300 large diners a day.