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  • It's something external. Why do you want it so much? Hector smiled, looking at Du Wei's eyes more and more strange: "I think you are more and more interesting as a human." Hum. You really want to know? I won't tell you now.. … But I can take you in with me. When the time comes, you will understand. “…… Well, saying is not saying. Du Wei touched his nose. "It seems that even if I don't want to go in with you, I don't believe it." "Of course, I wouldn't trust you so easily." Hector smiled. Okay, let's put the first question aside. Du Wei's face suddenly showed a trace of malice: "The second condition." For you, it's even easier. The malicious smile on his face made the Pope feel a little uneasy at once. Sure enough! Du Wei turned to the Temple Trio. The smile on his face was dark and sly. "I've always disliked these guys from the Church of Light." I think, for you, beast God, watch The followers of these goddesses must not like it very much, right? So Can you lend me your hand to help me solve these magic sticks? "Du Wei!" The Pope's face changed wildly! He knew very well that he and Opudis were absolutely no match for this Hector! If Du Wei really wants to borrow a knife to kill people, then he is absolutely dead! Hector's cold eyes had fallen on the Pope. Text-Chapter 659 is lascivious enough. "I refuse." To Du Wei's surprise, Hector actually said such a sentence! Even the Pope,sodium cyanide price, who was in a cold sweat, could not help but look at the beast God in surprise. Yi? Du Wei looked at Hector in surprise. "Aren't you supposed to hate goddesses?" Pointing to the Pope, he said, "This old gentleman is a follower of the goddess in this world." The leader of the world is known as the spokesman of the goddess in the world. And that guy, a magical creature created by the goddess, was sent into the world to work for her. "I hate goddesses." Hector smiled faintly. "But there is an agreement between us gods.". We will not directly attack each other's spokesmen in the world. He looked at Du Wei's puzzled eyes: "In the same way,magnetic separator machine, your human goddess will never kill the leader of our tribe first.". This is our agreement. Like now Rocks and bronze tigers in the orcs and domines, as well as falling snow in the elves, are protected. No other God can touch them. These are the rules of the game. (Damn the rules of the game. Be a whore and set up a memorial archway) Du Wei sighed in his heart: "So, you won't agree to my two conditions." Hector smiled faintly, stretched out two hands at the same time, and grabbed them in the air. At the same time, both the Pope and Opudius involuntarily flew into the hands of Hector. He choked the neck, one left and one right. Two strong men of the holy rank. As weak as a baby in the hands of the beast God. The Beast God grabbed the two men and said with a gentle smile, "There are already too many people here. I won't kill them, but I can help you throw them out first." With that, gold CIP machine ,Portable gold trommel, he raised his hand and threw it away, and the two giants of the temple flew out and were thrown into the two light doors. Hector raised his leg. With a slight kick, Rosset, who was more than a dozen paces away, immediately snorted, spurted blood from his mouth, and was kicked into a door. Du Wei looked at it and sighed leisurely: "It's a pity." You threw five people into five doors at once, and you're really not afraid if you accidentally hit the place. I can see that. I lost five people through five doors, none of which seemed to be real doors. Hector squinted at Dewey. "Your eyes haven't changed, compared to mine." All the lost doors are false. Dewey grimaced at Hector. "I'm a man who doesn't show his emotions. Even when I lie, I don't blush and my heart doesn't beat. If you want to look for it in these places." If there is any trace, you will be disappointed. ” "Hahahahahaha!!!" Hector threw back his head and laughed. Very good! Very good! You bold boy! You make me feel funny! I promise you, if I really want to kill you, I will not. It's very painful for you. Then he restrained his smiling face: "Well, there are no outsiders now." Let's get started! Which door is it? Du Wei coughed and raised his hand to point casually: "Here..." After a pause, he sighed, "I know you don't believe me …" You can hold me. Go in with you. If it's not right, you can come to me. But these friends of mine. He pointed to Vivian Jojo and Nicole. "They have nothing to do with each other." Let her Let's leave through the other door. "I'm sorry.". I can't agree to your request. The beast God sneers, its look in the eyes unexpectedly also some cunning: "Although you this person is interesting, but looks like the ghost master in the belly." It means a lot, too. Even if I catch you with me, I can't rest assured. You seem to be the kind of person who doesn't care much about his own life. But it seems that you are not interested in these two girls and this little snake. I still care about it. So, I will take you with me! If it's in the wrong place. Not only will I kill you. And kill all three of your companions! Du Wei was really nervous. His original idea was to let Vivian and Joe leave first, and then point to a fake door at random. After you go in with Hector, if Hector wants to turn over. Face, I'm the only one anyway. Although his strength is not as good as Hector, but at least he is a demigod, and at the same time he has the two power attributes of Ares and Elf God. If you can't beat him, you can barely cope with it. Even if you want to escape, there is some hope! But If even Vivian and Jojo and others follow, then they do not even have the slightest chance! Once Hector falls out, with his demigod power, there is still the possibility of escape, but Vivian and Jojo,coltan ore processing, and Medusa. In the hands of this beast God, even Ants are not as good as, the other side can be solved with a blink of an eye.