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  • So what? Lan Xu is also your father. If he can do that to you, why can't I do that to Jinglan? Xiaoxiao gritted his teeth and stared at him as if to cut him into pieces. Then he turned and walked away. Without my command, you can't get close to it even if you are God. Gong Ruoyan sneered and took a bunch of keys to play with. Would you like to see the situation of Jinglan? I watch it every day. How does the prince of our kingdom live. If you don't, you'll regret it. Gong Ruoyan said such words, a pair of eyes are looking at Xiaoxiao, provocative look. Xiaoxiao's footsteps stopped, and then turned back unexpectedly. Gong Ruoyan is very proud to press a remote control, and then watching everything on TV, actually laughed. The other four did not laugh. I'm just shaking with anger. In the dark house, in the house with everything, in the house with the cold machine, a man trembled and looked in all directions. Computer, television, refrigerator, very advanced equipment, and then a monotonous white house, but a lot of musical instruments, the walls are still hanging fencing. If this house had more light. What about the perfect house. A house with a cold and hard smell is unbearable for people to stay in. Not to mention a man who has been locked up in it for more than ten years. So you see the emptiness in his eyes, his delirium,heavy duty racking system, and you can't do anything but heartache. They are sure that now Jinglan is absolutely almost crazy, or already crazy. Sitting awkwardly on the ground, Jinglan's eyes have not moved since the beginning. Just a few days, Jinglan was driven crazy by such a pervert. Has the psychological endurance reached the bottom line? Let Jinglan, who has been bathed by the sun, go back to that place of hell. If he is not crazy, it is not normal. Then,radio shuttle racking, Jinglan had chains around his neck. Inhumane abuse, abuse that does not treat one's brother as a human being. The twins looked at Jinglan on the screen. Then he looked at his sister, then carefully hid behind Gong Ruoyan, took out a shiny thing, and stabbed him in the buttocks. Roar ~ ~ ~ "Gong Ruoyan jumped up and grabbed the two of them and threw them to the ground.". The twins got up and climbed up their sister's thighs without feeling anything. Injection, brother needs injection, abnormal brother needs injection. The twins said without fear of death. You ~ ~ ~ "Gong Ruoyan pointed at them coldly, and then pulled out the sword on the wall and cut it.". Tian Jingye grabbed his sword. "It's not your job to haggle with children." Xiaoxiao resisted the impulse to flatten people. Conditions? What conditions do you need to agree to release Jinglan? Gong Ruoyan put away the things in his hands. I don't need any conditions. As long as you can get close to him and get him out by yourself, I will let you go. Without saying a word, Xiaoxiao went to Jinglan's house. However, the voice behind it sounded at this time. If you get out of here alive. The footsteps of several people stopped, neither walking nor staying. This is a clear threat. Everyone can hear it. Gong Ruoyan stood up at this time, and then laughed very treacherously. I'm going to see Jinglan now. Don't follow me. As long as you follow me, I'll treat Jinglan severely. If you are worried, Pallet rack beams ,Drive in racking system, you can look at us on the screen. I will treat Jinglan well. Believe me, I've always been a good brother. Very good brother. He watched helplessly as he walked to Jinglan's place, but several people could not move, and then could only watch them on the screen. Jinglan, Jinglan, my brother has come to see you. When Gong Ruoyan called Jinglan's name, they sounded like they were calling some kind of pet. Jinglan didn't move. Gong Ruoyan untied the chain around his neck. You are really not good. If you are good, how can your brother treat you like this. How about it? Have you figured it out? Answer my brother. Jinglan doesn't have any movement. Look at him like a fool. Gong Ruoyan also looked at him coldly, and then turned around to leave. Jinglan is moving this time. He hugged Gong Ruoyan's calf. Let me go. Let me go. Xiaoxiao's heart was beating violently, and Jinglan was not yet mad. "No, my brother doesn't like you to be with the civilian night Xiaoxiao. My brother feels sick. As long as you live with her, my brother will let her out." Jing Lan lowered her hand and begged him no more. Gong Ruoyan wanted to leave, but Jinglan pulled him. The humble look on their faces made Xiaoxiao pull a very bad corner in their hearts. Let me get out of this place. Holding Gong Ruoyan's hand in confusion, he begged. Or you can put me somewhere else, in a dungeon, a woodshed, or even a toilet. 'What's The matter? Are you afraid? Gong Ruoyan asked with a sneer. Xiaoxiao's nose was sour, and she didn't expect to see him in such a mess. I'm afraid, I'm afraid, brother, I'm afraid. Don't leave me here, please. Jinglan pulled Gong Ruoyan, as if she was afraid that he would leave him. Xiaoxiao thought of the former Jinglan, the humble Jinglan, the Jinglan who would act like a spoiled child with her, the Jinglan who would beg for her, but not the humble in this situation, not the begging in this situation, his fear, his small forced him to bow to Gong Ruoyan, bow to his brother. Xiaoxiao has never been so regretful as now, unexpectedly let Jinglan fall into this situation, is she, is she left him, she overestimated Jinglan's position in his brother's heart, she thought his brother would take good care of him, will be very good to him. It's all fake. This is the life of Jinglan before, this is the prince, the so-called prince. Lock love Endless dream, endless sorrow, or endless betrayal. Tears, like the water of the dike, flowed out of the eyes. Brother,Steel racking system, I'm afraid. I'm really afraid of you. Don't leave me here. The person who pestered him in the dream said this sentence over and over again, which was obviously very common, but he couldn't stand it.