Nian Mei reported the return of the president.

  • Huo Shaotang went to the corner, turned on the standing lamp, and the golden halo fell, softening the aggressive momentum, but not warming his heart. Mr. Huo, are you still awake so late? You know it's late? A woman who keeps her nose clean doesn't come home after midnight. Let a terrible anger surround himself, Huo Shaotang stood in the eyes of the storm, the expression outside was suffocating and terrible quiet, but the terrible anger accumulated in his black eyes. I'm really sorry if I woke you up. We were so busy chatting that we forgot the time. I'll pay attention to it later. He seems to be waiting for her a lot lately, and he's obviously an early sleeper. Biluo was so depressed that she was angry that she could not simply and calmly look at his every gesture; she always hurt if she thought too much. What did you talk about? Talk selflessly? He could almost imagine the happy picture of talking and laughing. Nothing. An evasive answer. His handsome and slender figure unceremoniously invaded her horizon, and his deep black eyes did not relax and firmly locked her. Can't share it with me? The cold eyes implied a violent wind, and a hatred rolled up from the bottom of my heart. "Have you progressed so far with him that you have a secret to share?" He tried desperately to control his breathing, but he still couldn't find the original pattern. No Not not to say, but for every dinner with Lin Changfeng, she had no impression at all. Coming home late is nothing more than to blow a little more wind outside to see if the cold evening breeze can teach her to calm down and sober up. She felt nervous, like a jealous woman,warehouse rack manufacturer, whenever Huo Shaotang went out, she would be sad to guess who he was going out with, and like a gangster who was ready to do bad things, when the phone rang, she immediately pricked up her ears, and her heart beat wildly at an unbearable speed. She was really afraid, afraid that she would go crazy because of her imagination,Pallet rack supplier, afraid that she would go to the dead end because of her own pressure. With worries about gains and losses, unrequited love begins to become painful. What is that? Anger and sadness blended into a complex color on Huo Shaotang's face, and he grabbed her thin wrist angrily. At the moment, her concealment undoubtedly declared their intimate relationship, and he felt strongly betrayed! Betrayal! He actually thought that she had betrayed him by being with Lin Changfeng? What's the matter? What's wrong with him? That man was forced on her by him! "Have you been drinking?" He was overbearing, and the strong smell of alcohol came to her nostrils, which made her dizzy and had an impulse to vomit. Yeah, so what? Deliberately breathed in her face in an arrogant manner. You're drunk. Her eyebrows were wrinkled, and Biluo pursed her lower lip, worried about him. He was less and less like the high-spirited and overweening Huo Shaotang she knew. In the past, even before the collapse of Mount Tai, Narrow aisle rack ,Industrial pallet rack, he still did not change his color; now, often inexplicable attacks of anger, taught him to lose the calm image of the past. Huo Shaotang suddenly looked up and laughed wildly. "Am I drunk?"? How is that possible? A sneer came coldly out of his nose. "Do you want me to tell you what time it is?" When he approached again, the smell of wine filled the sky and made him faint. His trembling hands pushed hard against his chest, sobbing and panting. She did not speak, but shook her head forcefully instead. To be honest, I can't figure out why you like that guy? Don't two people who are too calm feel boring? The eyes looked sullenly at her pretty face, which was red with excitement, and her crisp chest, which rose and fell violently, and there was an irresistible impulse to condense in his lower abdomen. Biluo pursed her lips, completely unable to refute his sarcasm, only to feel that her breathing was strangely unstable. Did you bother to dress up for Lin Changfeng? Asked brusquely, lifting a lock of hair. Melon seed face, a pair of watery black eyes, with a fluffy slightly curly long hair, no matter from which angle, are extremely sexy and gorgeous beauty. Is it this generous image that attracts men's covetousness? "I'm just tired of looking at straight hair and I want to change my mood." Biluo spoke slowly under his questioning eyes. Is he angry? Angry that she took it upon herself to perm the straight hair he liked? Can you get his favor with his favorite long straight black hair? I'm afraid not. He never praised her appearance. No matter how obedient she was, she still couldn't win his favor. Did Lin Changfeng ask you to perm your hair? Unable to suppress the raging tide of the heart sea, the deep black eyes suddenly burned the burning flame, "You actually resisted me for a man?" Huo Shaotang was so angry that some suspicion of losing her pinched his throat and hit him in the chest. He shook her shoulders angrily and roared. You are mine! I support you to study, let you have no worries about food and clothing, you can not fly with other men! Biluo kept shaking her head, and her trembling lips seemed to have thousands of words to say. He said she was his?! Really? Is he serious when he says this? Or maybe he didn't really know what he was saying? You are mine! It will always be mine! The past is, the present is, and the future is! Huo Shaotang kissed fiercely, low and full of indignation between kisses. If he had to keep her so as not to lose her, he would do anything to possess her, whether she would wither without love or not. A heart full of his overbearing announcement, sweet possessive tone, Biluo heart unconsciously a soft, all the days of commission and perturbed, suddenly disappeared, the rugged corner of the heart was smoothed. She clearly tasted on his lips the hatred of humanity and the dissatisfaction with life, as if a soul whipped by loneliness was crying inside him. Alcohol loosened Huo Shaotang's reason, released his wildness, kissed passionately and uncovered the surging madness. Her breath enveloped him like spring, driving away the darkness in his heart in an instant. His kiss was a kindling,pipe cantilever rack, igniting the unknown passion in Biluo's heart, and she heard her high-decibel heartbeat. His new beard was a little prickly, but she didn't care. She liked the feeling of intimacy. She kissed him sweetly and freely. It was nice to be loved and not to be a one-way street.