Fifteen years of Wanli

  • First, Gao Gong insisted that he had seen Feng Bao's misconduct before the death of Emperor Longqing and decided to dismiss him. Feng Bao had always sold his official title, but the most intolerable thing was that when the crown prince received the officials in 1572, he took advantage of his support and stood beside the throne and refused to retreat. The officials kowtowed to the crown prince, which was equivalent to kowtowing to the eunuch Feng Bao. This practice fully exposed his ambition. The book goes on to say that before the author's action of denouncing Feng Bao was concretized, Feng Bao preempted him and conspired with Zhang Juzheng to deceive the imperial decree of the empress Dowager and expel himself from the court. The author admits that he did say that the emperor was only nine years old at that time, but he did not say anything disrespectful, but only that the new emperor was young and afraid of being mistaken by eunuchs, just as Emperor Zhengde did after he ascended the throne at the age of 14. However, Zhang and Feng deliberately distorted his words as a basis for framing. Second, the case of the so-called Minister Wang. On February 20 of the Gregorian calendar in 1573, that is, half a year after Wanli ascended the pole and Gao Gong was expelled, a man disguised as a eunuch was detained in front of the palace gate in the early morning of that day. After interrogation, the man was called the king's minister, who used to work as a servant in other people's homes and now has no employer. It has happened more than once in the past that such miscellaneous elements were detained and questioned when they appeared at the gate of the heavily guarded Fu Gate, but it has never been clear what the purpose of this minister Wang was. Gao Gong, the author of The Last Words of the Sick Bed, insisted that Minister Wang was under the command of General Qi Jiguang. Qi Jiguang was promoted by Zhang Juzheng at that time. If this inexplicable minister Wang was as Gao Gong said,best green coffee bean extract, wouldn't he cause great trouble? After some planning, Feng Bao and others decided to turn defense into attack, and decided to borrow Minister Wang as a tool to put Gao Gong to death. So Ershen put two exquisite daggers in the clothes of the king's minister and asked him to confess that he was sent by Gao Gong to murder the present emperor. If the king's confession is confirmed, he can be acquitted and receive a large reward. Zhang Juzheng moved to inform the civil officials of the case and asked them to close the case quickly so that Gao Gong could be executed to silence him. Feng and Zhang's plan did not come true. The civilian officials in charge of the trial were reluctant to take part in the plot. Minister Wang also realized that if he confessed to profiting from the emperor, the end would not be so good that he would not only be innocent, but also receive a reward, so he retracted his confession in the preliminary trial presided over by Dongchang,pumpkin seed extract, exposing Feng Bao's instigation and framing. At this time, Feng Bao was in trouble, so he put poison in the wine and ordered the five ministers to drink it, which destroyed his vocal cords. Two days later, the secret inquiry was made public, and because the prisoner could not speak, the real result could not be found out. Minister Wang was still sentenced to death and executed immediately so as not to implicate the participants in the plot. It had been 10 years since the emperor heard the story. He could not judge whether all this was true, but at least it was not groundless. Because he still vaguely remembered that 10 years ago, the eunuch told him that bad people had broken into the palace, and Mr. Zhang told the emperor to be careful to guard against such plots, the report was still in the file. He was full of doubts and immediately ordered the officials concerned to consult the files of the trial of the king's ministers. The search was fruitless. Because the trial record only stated that Minister Wang had two daggers hidden under his side, and there were no details, the result of the case was that Minister Wang was executed on March 25, fenugreek saponins ,jujube seed powder, 1573 after trial. This serious case was not settled, so that the adult emperor was strongly dissatisfied. At one point, he issued a decree to send officials to thoroughly investigate the whole case, which was later suspended by the advice of the university. Shen said to the line, the matter has passed the anniversary, in addition to Feng Bao, all the important people related to the case have passed away, if the investigation is made again, not only the possibility of getting to the bottom of the matter is very small, it will not help, but many people will be implicated for no reason, causing uneasiness. Gao Gong was famous for his political trickery among court officials in his lifetime. Whether this "last words of the sickbed" is written by him can be studied. Even if it is his handwriting or his dictation, it is difficult to judge the authenticity of the plot. But on that day, many people believed that what was said in the book was true, and many of the evidence was very reliable. Unfortunately, by the time this book was published, almost everyone who could be a witness had already left the world. The reliability of the contents of this book is another matter, but at least, its publication has had a great impact on both the government and the public, and has become a strong catalyst for the final handling of Zhang Juzheng's case. After that, in the memory of Mr. Zhang during the reign of Emperor Wanli, even some of the respect and love that had been reluctantly retained disappeared. He found that he and his mother had mistakenly believed that what Zhang Juzheng had done was out of loyalty to protect his position, but now it seems that Zhang Juzheng was just selling his friends for glory out of despicable motives, and that he was purely a person who played conspiracy and politics. More serious problems continue to come to light. There is a saying that Zhang Juzheng had the ambition to usurp the throne before his death, and the elite troops of General Qi Jiguang were the backing of the coup. Those who hold this view cite two facts as the basis. First, in a rural examination in response to Tianfu, the examiner's question was "Shun also ordered Yu", that is to say, the throne belonged to a virtuous person and should be abdicated as between Shun and Yu. Such a sinister topic, for Zhang Juzheng to persuade, for the world to prepare for public opinion. Secondly, Zhang Juzheng was often surrounded by the lucky people, who flattered Zhang Juzheng, but Zhang Juzheng dared to smile and keep silent. For the former, even if it is true as others say, the fault can not be directly attributed to Zhang Juzheng; for the latter, we might as well regard it as extravagance, which can be tolerated. What made Wanli feel most unforgivable was that Zhang Juzheng took it easy for others to flatter him as the present Yi Yin. Yi Yin was a virtuous prime minister in the Shang Dynasty, who assisted Cheng Chang to win the world. When Cheng Tang died, he assisted his grandson Taijia. Taijia had no way, so Yi Yin abandoned it and replaced it. After three years, Yi Yin did not allow him to continue to be the monarch of the two Dynasties until the Taijia Sea passed. As a result of ten years of living together day and night,lycopene for skin, Wanli knew something about Zhang Juzheng after all. He did not believe that Zhang Juzheng had the ambition to usurp the throne. However, Zhang Juzheng often exerted pressure on the emperor as a master and yuan Fu. Isn't it a copy of Yi Yin in those days? When Zhang Juzheng became Yi Yin, was the emperor himself not a Taoist Taijia.