While I'm not saying that runescape should be more like WOW

  • Ah, that's it. The High Priest from Sophanem took mine. He claimed that I wasn't physically capable of holding it. Soon after, I was captured by these horid people! Talk to the high priest 2007 RS Accounts. I believe that you want "Connections" to him. Visit the High Priest after completing Contact! Welcome Adventurer! What are you able to do?

    Prince Ali said to me that he'd ask me to hand over your keys. It is vital. Gilenor is in dire need of these three keys. The Chalice of Eternity...and the Demonic Gladiators...they're returning. Don't fret about your problems! There are "other" ways to achieve it. To do this, you'll need to have the requirements for the game. Then, right click and click Pickpocket high priest. Now, you have 3 Keys! (40 Theiving Required to theive you the key)

    Be careful down there. The Air Gladiator is the First. He's located near the Air Ruins. If you put the blade of the sword, you can go to his abode. If you use your sword to fight Ruins each time, you lose one of the keys. Also, you will require Level 50 Attack and Strength to take on this monster. Take your sword to Falador's Air Ruins.

    When he turns gray, turn on Magic, and then Protect from Melee. You will receive Bones of Eternity if you kill him. Left click him and you'll receive the Air Gladiator's Helmet. Take this to Varce. Are you aware of how to kill Air Gladiator? Yes. You can see his helmet and his bones Buy RS 2007 Gold. That's awesome! The next step is Water Ruins. The Sea Gladiator is a threat which can be defeated if you make use of the sword to break through the water ruins.