How to upgrade New World Arcana skills?

  • Production skills are one of the most important skills for players in exploring New World. Arcana skill is the way players make Arcana items.

    Arcane Repository is the major source for players to get magic items and potions in New World. There, players will create magic weapons such as Ice Gauntlets, Fire Staves, and Life Staves, as well as potions of mana, health and resistance. Players can increase Arcana skill level by making such items, but this requires a lot of raw materials and refined materials. Players can choose to New World Coins Buy to get the materials they need quickly.

    Motes and reagents are the basic materials for players to make almost every Arcana. Players can get motes and reagents by completing tasks and spending New World Coins. Motes are elemental mystery reagents that can be found in alchemy stones, magic plants, and creatures around Aeternum. Mining alchemy stones requires 50-level mining skills, while harvesting magic plants only requires 30-level harvest skills. No level is required to harvest magical creatures, but they provide the least amount of particles.

    Reagents are resources collected from different plants, fungi, and even mineral veins (not including the ore itself). New World mainly includes Medicinal reagents, Offensive reagents, Magical reagents, Protective reagents, Air reagents, Fire reagents, Water reagents, Earth reagents, etc. After collecting enough particles and reagents, players can go to the Arcane Warehouse and start making them.

    From the perspective of skill level rewards, some of the most valuable Arcana items are staff and ice gloves. The materials for making Fire Staff are Metal ingots, wood, and Fire Motes. Players need Metal ingots, refined leather, and Life Motes to make Life Staff. The materials used to make Ice Gauntlet are Metal ingots, refined leather, and Water Motes. So if players want to get high-value Arcana items, these materials are essential. Players can consider buying directly with RPG New World Coin, which saves time. In addition, players can use higher grade metals to create high-quality versions of each item. Advanced leather and particles will also increase the potential equipment score of any item made by the player.

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