There are many out there who believe that Runescape is dying

  • We're sure there's plenty to justify going all the way to 120, and more stuff will be added throughout the year and into the future OSRS Fire Cape. Be aware that there is an embargo for bonus XP, lamps, and other skill boosters until six months after launch.

    We decided to try something new in the process of introducing the skill, to remove any obstacles to learning it. On the launch of the skill, we will raise the skill cap to 20 for free-to play and give everyone access to the Kharid-Et excavation site. If this goes well - and the results from the survey seem to imply that it would be accepted - then we will extend this across all skill levels and also examine other milestones in the development of skills.

    The Archaeology Elite skilling attire will also be available, which will be available following the launch of the skill. The ability to acquire this skill comes from Archaeology. It is necessary to work with a different system than the fragment systems you're familiar with. To gain this, you will need to perform certain actions. It's so mysterious!

    Okay, let's get to the best part - the release dates. It is clear that the development of Archaeology has made great progress. The game will feature Archaeology and all five of its dig sites Buy Old School RS Gold, ancient inventions, old summonings, relics and more in January, 2020.