I really would love to see added into RuneScape

  • But the question won't be simple to answer in a moment. I'm going to set an premise for discussion osrs infernal cape. Do you think the SoF should be shut down business or be replaced? Jagex is almost bankrupt, having canned three or four money-making schemes in the last few days, each causing multi-million dollar losses, and is working on a fourth that will cost the same amount and has not yet seen any return.

    Squeal is a poor value for money. It is possible to find 2-3 times more value at any illegal site. Less than 1 percent of users are able to successfully fund xp gains, and less than 10% will ever purchase more than 500k of xp in their entire character's lifetime. Jagex is equivalent to thousands of memberships.

    Yelp was recently replaced by Mr. Coffin, a sombre troll who does not make use of exclamation marks or crack jokes in his writing. The squeal doesn't seem to be abrasive and Mr. Coffin never smiles. Also, he doesn't display pop-ups every day in your browser. It's also been renamed the Wheel of Fate-influenced-by-cash, or WoFibc for short.

    Jagex may cease to be profitable and this could lead to the game's decline with less updates, bug fixes and less servers. SoF currently makes enough to keep the Jagex projects, Runescape and other projects on the right track. You find almost all updates aimed at your group entertaining and fun. If you don't understand the bullet points Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold, please stop posting.