NBA 2K21 has a large number of brands from the game

  • Agent 00 was our guest on this list. We had the chance to meet the man and gain insight into his thoughts on terminology and how it's developed over time NBA 2K22 MT. Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. bought HookBang LLC as the studio's partner and partner in the most recent editions in its NBA 2K series. The purchase will help expand sports-game development at Take-Two's 2K label according to a statement made on Tuesday.

    Financial terms were not revealed. The acquired studio will operate from a yet-to-be-announced new site in the Austin, Texas, area which will have hundreds of staffers who will be focused on developing platforms and live-services support for the NBA game. Last week, Take-Two signed an exclusive long-term, permanent partnership to host golf tournaments with Tiger Woods.

    "We build interactive amusement parks," David Ismailer, president of 2K and HookBang, stated in an interview. "Any moment I have the opportunity to include developer resources in the creation of new rides we seize the opportunity to do so. "Founded in 2012, HookBang has been working with 2K's Visual Concepts to provide art as well as engineering and design services for NBA 2K21. The newly purchased studio will be part of a larger organization called Visual Concepts Austin.

    Ismailer declared that they are always seeking development talent. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the release of new gaming consoles this year, Take-Two and other game publishers have been enjoying an increase in revenue which has led to increased hiring as well as acquisitions. Take-Two tried to acquire the racing game company Codemasters Buy 2K MT, but that company eventually went to Electronic Arts Inc.