what OSRS really requires is a more complicated solo boss

  • The area north of OSRS GP these cities is colder, more humid and more mountainous. These people would appear similar to Celts and are considered to be savages by those living in the south. They are somewhat like Fremenniks however, they are hunter-gatherers and live in much smaller settlements. They also have a battle with one of the two cities to the south, which is seeking to expand its territory. I think this would be an ideal location to launch the dungeon raiding thing if that's the kind of thing Jagex would like to do.

    I'm not sure the reason this is being forced on us, in a recent poll, solo bosses got twice as much support. I'm concerned that it will be an artisan type of situation, where Jagex keeps polling it and players keep saying that they don't want to. I think what OSRS really requires is a more complicated solo boss like the QBD of 2012. I use the term "similar to the QBD" because it originally was part of the combat system. It was easy to play, but had complicated mechanics. It's not that the mechanics should be the same, though perhaps the dragon kiteshield could be a good drop.

    I'm not motivated to try again. There's nothing capable of making me want to give the game another go, at least that I could think of. The game itself isn't interesting enough to make me want to play, heck I've become so bored of games in general that I haven't even bought Fallout 4 yet.

    I've been tempted but I'm always able to change my decision. Which is amazing considering the extent to which Fallout loves me. To give you an example, I purchased Skyrim several months prior to it was released and was there to watch the Steam countdown so that I could get it installed in the shortest time feasible.

    I purchased a brand new rs 2007 gold gaming laptop in order to play the game as well as other similar games. I wasn't able to play the game on the day it was released. And I don't like TES in the same way I like Fallout. My priorities are changing, and I don't like games as much anymore.