I had purchased the doll from the Witch

  • When he dies He will then release the coveted and rare "Satan Oracle Armor" set. You're a winner! Congratulations! It can be sold for up to 200 million for each part of RuneScape Gold the armor. (Thats the boots, gloves legs and body) and cape, helm as well as the ring and shield.) That's 1 billion 600,000,000 pieces of gold!

    I had purchased the doll from the Witch. I applied Iban's Shadow and Iban's Ashes the burnt tomb however, I ended up dying in the area of the spider in an delay. I was then able attack Kalrag (the gigantic spider). While I was able to retrieve the doll from Niloof the dwarf, I couldn't attack Kalrag, the Giant Spider.

    The spider did not appear to be tracking me and it didn't give me any health bar when I tried to attack it. It said, "I am already under attack" when I tried retargeting the spider. I allowed the attacks to continue for quite a while but it was unable to move.

    I then thought perhaps my issue was because I'd utilized Iban's Shadow and Iban's Ashes in the wrong order. I couldn't remember which Ashes or Shadow was my first. I wasn't sure whether this was a problem.

    According to the two quest guides I checked I was required to Buy OSRS Accounts utilize the Shadow prior to using the Ashes. But my in-game quest list showed that I must have used the Ashes first. My quest list also indicated that I needed to use these items on the doll.