There are a variety of other monsters you can fight

  • My question: If I decide to OSRS Items join P2P where/what are these higher level creatures, and is it worth joining now? I'm sure that I will join P2P one day, but I was wondering whether joining at level 90 would speed up the mage's skilling.

    What is the amount of money you have earned from fighting ankous? If you have around 10m you can buy a bond which gives 14 days of membership. While it's less difficult than F2P to get that 10m back, it requires effort.

    If you sign up, I recommend rushing to finish quests that give huge exp boosts/good reward. The RS wikia will show you which quests provide the highest boost in exp. I'd recommend doing them first so you're automatically closer to weapons of higher level.

    There are a variety of other monsters you can fight. There are more lucrative drops by completing quests. Bosses are a great way to make more money. With the help of 90 magic, you can effortlessly beat the King Black Dragon and fight the elemental of chaos. So long as your fear of losing some items isn't a problem, however. Both of these monsters are profitable margin.

    Yes I'm carrying more than 10M. I'm a bit confused about the process of bonding I've researched it a bit and have received contradicting information. I may sign up now and pay the monthly installments of Buy RuneScape Gold one month. I am anxious about getting started (But I'm trying to study a few things more thoroughly before jumping in.