What was the process to come up with this number?

  • Mining is the best option, if you consider monetary considerations. 28 iron ores are far more easy to RuneScape Gold mine and deposit than the 3 mage logs. When mining Iron, make sure you set your Miscellanian workers on coal, and make cannon balls afterward .... get 2 skills and earn money to make an excellent second.

    I ran some numbers and I came across something I don't understand"47k granite? What was the process to come up with this number? To get to 99, you'll need at least 168k+ granites. While 47k small would allow you to mine Runite against .... best miners, it's not enough. Focus on getting to 99, not on what to do once you reach it.

    Trust me when I say it,woodcutting is the method to go.I have an account for cooking and fishing in the 60's, mining 51, and wcing 84,and it pays off hugely when you take a wcing.

    It took me a day or so to get 1k magic logs,sold em in 5 minutes for a cool one million coins.Not only that,but you figure that woodcutting has more of a market than the other skills,seeing there are fletchers,alchers,construction workers,and of course,merchants who will buy from you,and sell to their friends for higher.

    Since there are a lot of Buy OSRS Fire Cape sellers selling yews, mages, and worlds 1-12 on seers, it won't take much time to make an income.