I hope they can do something exciting with Wilderness

  • Jagex should not offer too many laughable choices for RuneScape Gold voting that are a bit sloppy. Knowing that the RuneScape Community will prevail it's a pity that a game with the potential to be extraordinary is now a joke.

    Ports update they're just providing us with what they promised they would gives us this year last Runefest and trying to pass it as some sort of new update. They said they would give us the new T85 weapons but we only received the ranged ones.

    I hope they can do something exciting with Wilderness. They've failed to bring back the Wilderness in any way they've tried, including the Crucible. Although Warbands is a great idea, it has only a few success stories and leaves the Wilderness just for a short time each day.

    Zaros was not associated with the main God Wars Dungeon. The principal God Wars (that culminated with Zamorak creating the Wilderness and the burning Forinthry) began after Zaros's death. When the fight for the Godsword began, the armies were able to sneak into the temple, where Nex was trapped, and their activity led to Nex to get out of her trap.

    When she started to destroy all things and anyone that was in her way, the four factions united to 2007 RS Items trap and capture her again. This time they used the Frozen Key which was divided and each got one quarter. I hope the second God Warsdungeon won't be like the one found in 07 the scape.