This perception is based on the first point

  • Yes, I read the OP. But I added an additional angle to OSRS Items the question. If the bullet-pointed list was true, would you agree that the SoF should close down/be replaced? Jagex has been fighting (at at least) three of the strikes in a highly competitive, constantly evolving industry.

    A classic (10+ years old) game, that even with frequent updates and changes throughout the years, it is considered to be a classic, and is not the "next big thing" (like MOH & Counterstrike – still a lot of players, but not often maintained aside from servers online that are typically player-related).

    Runescape is regarded as an "starter MMORPG designed for children" by many gamers. This perception is based on the first point. The game has received regular updates and updates over time. But, a lot of players don't search at the reasons they believe this to be the case.

    Poor marketing positioning. Jagex/Insight Ventures still rely mainly on web based advertising & word of mouth, with some exceptions like the Gamer Awards and occasionally, TV ads in a few countries bringing the game to the notice of people who would otherwise not be aware.

    The only other mentions in the mainstream media of Buy RuneScape Gold are usually in news articles where the slant is definitely negative (theres been a few cases of scammers and pedophiles in the past) that may draw attention but usually not of the sort that is desired.