RuneScape - To level up you can also make use of curse

  • The grand exchange will offer the nats as with RuneScape gold the bodies. Although you'll benefit the most value from this, you'll be losing 100gps each alch. With the 198k alchs it will take about 200 hours to finish the 55-99 high-alching.

    Though, you'd have to reach the magic level of 55 first. I'd suggest spending about 200-300k on fire strike or earth, and using them up on less powerful items. You could use fire strike or firebolt on monsters to get there. Due to the nature of random monster drop I don't know how much it could cost.

    To level up you can also make use of curse. It would be 17.9 for 99. To achieve this, you would need to purchase 449k body parts and 898k water supplies (don't make use of the earths, you only need 3 water sources, so it's less expensive). Wear heavy metal armour and any other item that gives a negative (-) magical bonus. It is important to not let your curses affect the monsters. For failing, you still receive the same effect.

    Since the rise in the cost of pure essance on grand exchange (and when I became a member at that time), it has been simple to earn 300k+ per days in just three to four hours. (pure Ess is at the price of 115 ea +!!)). however, at my level there arent many things I know of that are worth piles of money, and i own a full rune as well as a a full mystic (red/black style) obsidian cape! Granite maul want to buy something cool looking that isnt just rune (g) or (t) (i am geting some (g)/(t) stuff) or maybe i'll give it to a different person.

    I'm pretty sure that's it. Do you have any recommendations for good armour/robes for members? I'm new to the forum and don't know what members are all about. I have a broken arm and cheap RS gold am typing with one hand. Please excuse my spelling.